Improving access for Vietnamese patients to quality diagnosis and treatment of disease


Over the last half century, out of the many medical equipment inventions that have successfully helped to improve health care access to patients and increase life expectancy, the CT scanner is arguably one of the most valuable diagnostic imaging tools.
However, millions of patients around the world are still waiting to receive the standard of care that they need in an affordable way. GE Healthcare on April 23rd introduced in Vietnam a new affordable CT scanner, a pioneer in the future of CT imaging.
Designed to be more affordable than previous generation systems, the new system aims to reduce the typical trade-offs between quality and affordability; and at macro level, opens the door to a host of modern technologies, including decreased electricity consumption.
Purposely designed to help deliver higher quality results with more consistency and speed (up to twenty-eight percent faster), the new scanner enables caregivers to make the most informed diagnoses possible.
“This new system is about innovating for affordability and defining solutions that deliver high quality diagnostic CT solutions in the most challenging healthcare markets. We hope the value of this new CT scanner will help improve access for Vietnamese patients across the country to quality diagnosis and treatment of disease,” said Mr. Vu Duc Nhat - Sales Manager Diagnostic Imaging, GE Healthcare.
In a seminar in April last year, the Vietnam’s Ministry of Health’s evaluation stated that the nation was suffering from shortage of necessary devices.
While the hospitals at district levels are equipped with only twenty percent to fifty percent of required technologies, leading to inadequate devices at commune level clinics and volume overload in patients at central hospitals./.

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