Viet Tan and its plot of causing riots in the name of saving environment


The spate of fish deaths is a painful incident for Vietnamese fishermen, and while society and the business community are lending their hands to help those affected people overcome their hardship, the disaster is wrongfully used as the motive for anti-government plots by several local and overseas organizations. Those anti-government organizations have repeated their old trick of creating new pages on Facebook to attract public attention and lure participants to their conspiracies.
Taking advantage of the HYPERLINK ""mass fish deaths in central provinces, whose cause has yet to be determined by authorities, Viet Tan (Vietnam Reform Party organization), a terrorist group due to its aggressive armed activities, has collaborated with other accomplices from inside and outside the country to incite protests. Viet Tan’s members also formed several groups to support the protestors, including handing out snacks, water, and money to them as well as preparing banners and slogans. Viet Tan has asked some of its Vietnam-based members, such as Truong Minh Tam, to cooperate with those returning from other countries to incite local people to stage violent protests. Various members of the public, including juveniles and those having criminal records, have been manipulated and talked into being a part of the rallies.
Other groups are funded by overseas anti-government organizations, such as Viet Tan and National Endowment for Democracy, to implement their plots in Vietnam. Some of their pages are ‘Cuu lay bien’ (Save the Sea) created by the so-called ‘Hoi anh em dan chu’ (Society of Democratic Brothers); ‘Cuu bien – Cuu dan’ (Save the Sea – Save the People) by VOICE; and ‘Ha Tinh – Hanoi – Saigon’ by Hoang Van Dung and the self-proclaimed ‘Con duong Viet Nam’ (Vietnam Path) movement.
The people and organizations behind these pages would spread inaccurate information to seed fear in members of the public and take advantage of the grief of fishermen affected by the fish kill to incite violence. These pages also post biased comments to accuse the government of “covering up information” on the cause of the fish deaths to drive people to vent their anger at the government, while the phenomenon has been an inexplicable incident so far.
Although the government has tasked relevant agencies with inspecting the mass fish deaths, the anti-government forces have accused the state of ignoring the affected fishermen. Some individuals and organizations working in disguise in Vietnam have also released statements, petitions and open letters to mislead the public, attract followers and incite people to assemble and protest in what they call “the fish revolution.”
Those hostile forces would repeatedly call for demonstrations and marches online and constantly update information about the time and place of the protests. They provide headbands, banners and signs for the protesters, as well as sharing guidelines on how to organize a rally and deal with authorities. They also call on protesters to use knives and petrol bombs, clearly evidence of their plots to attack authorities and overthrow the regime. Once stopped by authorities, the members of the “Con duong Viet Nam” group would make up a situation as if they were being attacked. The falsified situation will be filmed and captured, with the photos and videos later uploaded online to denounce the government.
Police officers stated that such actions were aimed at causing public disorder, sabotaging the upcoming national election and subsequently overthrowing the current regime. They added that the conspirators also issued guidelines on how to deal with competent authorities during the rallies.
We must not forget the 2014 violent protests and its profound consequences. When China illegally brought its oil rig into Vietnam’s Exclusive Economic Zone, local workers joined peaceful marches to protest China’s illicit oil rig, and many members of Viet Tan took advantage of these rallies to incite riots and illegal acts. As a result, hundreds of rioters rushed into many companies, including foreign-invested enterprises, in Binh Chieu Industrial Park and Linh Trung 1 and 2 Export Processing Zones in Thu Duc District to smash corporate assets and steal property. Similar riots also erupted in two southern provinces of Binh Duong and Dong Nai and the northern province of Ha Tinh. These violent riots have caused many disadvantages for Vietnam’s economy and diplomatic prestige.
       So, it is a warning for all people, especially city dwellers not to allow themselves to be pushed to take part in illegal protests and other illegal activities incited by Viet Tan and its other associated groups./.
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