NA deputies – central force in legislative activities


The quality of National Assembly (NA) deputies has contributed to improving the efficiency of NA activities in making laws, implementing supervision and giving decisions on important issues.
According to former NA Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung, deputies who served in the 13th NA demonstrated a high sense of responsibilities for the Nation and people and they became central in the NA’s activities.
He said they regularly listened to voter’s opinions, changed working methods to effectively do their duty and frankly presented their views.
The full-time NA deputies also performed a key role in agencies under the legislature, legislative activities, and NA deputations.
Many law makers and voters nationwide hoped that in the new tenure, the NA will continue to promote law-making activities and enhance efforts to improve the quality of decisions on important issues, and the efficiency of NA supervision.
To meet their expectations, improving the quality of NA deputies is considered an urgent task at present.
The Law on the NA Organisation revised in 2014, which took effect on January 1 this year, contains many regulations to enhance the quality of NA deputies, including a stipulation requiring deputies who are not full time must devote at least one third of their working time in a year to perform NA tasks and obligations.
During preparations for the upcoming 14th NA and all-level People’s Council elections, which will take place on May 22, quality of candidates also receives special stress with the goal of selecting worthy representatives of the people to the highest state power organ.
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Deck Hero14 11/5/16 07:40

On January 6, 1946, in response to President Ho Chi Minh’s appeal, Vietnamese people, regardless of their gender, social class or religion, took part in a general election to elect Vietnam’s first National Assembly by a democratic, equitable and direct ballot.

Pack Cassiopian 11/5/16 07:41

this makes a great step-forward in the country’s democratic institution and ushering in a new period of national development.

Only Solidar 11/5/16 07:42

Over the past seven decades with 13 tenures, the National Assembly has marched together with the nation and carried forward its role and position as the people’s highest representative agency and the country’s most powerful body in line with the Constitution and the law.

MaskOf Zero 11/5/16 07:43

They are significantly contributing to national liberation, reunification, construction and defence.

Love Peace 11/5/16 07:44

Over the past five years, NA deputies have made significant contributions to the country’s legislative development.

yobro yobro 11/5/16 07:45

Recalling the legislature’s 70-year history, we must stress the importance of NA deputy delegation to which late President Ho Chi Minh and generations of the Party and State leaders were members.

LawrenceSamuels 11/5/16 07:46

we hope they will continue to contribute to the country’s renewal cause as well as the capital’s construction and development, meeting the aspirations of voters nationwide.

LawrenceSamuels 11/5/16 07:48

People expressed thanks to veteran NA deputies for their great contribution to laying the first foundation for the legislative body's operation in the early days.

Gentle Moon 11/5/16 07:48

over the past years, the municipal National Assembly deputies have successfully fulfilled their tasks.

John Smith 11/5/16 07:50

They must carry out their tasks more effectively to ensure people's expectation paid on them!

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