VFF leader discusses religious issues with US guest

VFF Vice President Le Ba Trinh (R) and US Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labour Tom Malinowski 
Freedom of religion and the building of a law on belief and religion in Vietnam were discussed during a meeting between Vice President of the Vietnam Fatherland Front (VFF) Le Ba Trinh and visiting US Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labour Tom Malinowski in Hanoi on May 10.

The meeting in an open spirit would make contribution to the success of President Obama’s visit to Vietnam, the VFF Vice President said.

Regarding the building of the law on belief and religion, Trinh said that the VFF, which represents and protects the lawful and legitimate rights and interests of Vietnamese people, has implemented a line-up of measures to monitor and review the law by conducting polls of the public and religious dignitaries and followers to ensure the freedom to religion and belief as stipulated in the 2013 Constitution.

He noted that the draft law has been revised for the fifth time towards increasing the autonomy of religious organisations and their initiative in religious activities in line with the 2013 Constitution.

Meanwhile, Tom Malinowski said that President Obama’s visit to Vietnam provides an opportunity for the two countries to further promote bilateral relations following recent specific moves such as the US’s support of Vietnam signing the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal and collaboration in economics and security.

He spoke highly of Vietnam’s economic and regulation reforms in line with international standards through making amendments to laws, including the law on belief and religion.

Vietnam and the US are similar in the diversity of beliefs and religions, Malinowski said, hoping that the law on belief and religion, when adopted by the Vietnam National Assembly, will facilitate the operation of religious organisations in Vietnam in a more flexible manner in accordance with the law.-VNA 

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Gentle Moon 10/5/16 22:06

We should be honest to each other to more understand what makes us different

LawrenceSamuels 10/5/16 22:09

Vietnam and the US have different situations to apply the standards of democracy to the people of each country.

Jane smartnic 10/5/16 22:10

We have been waiting for the visit of President Obama to Vietnam, easing obstacles that have blocked our relationship.

John Smith 10/5/16 22:13

How to cope with regional and global challenges are shared by both countries

Deck Hero14 10/5/16 22:15

There are a lot of beliefs and religions in Vietnam and the US

yobro yobro 10/5/16 22:16

the universal human rights and rule of law are respected in Vietnam by both Vietnamese Government and people.

Love Peace 10/5/16 22:19

Vietnam and the US are now strategic partners in economic field, that is good sign for the two countries to promote the relationship in the future in all fields.

Only Solidar 10/5/16 22:21

Obama should have come to Vietnam earlier in his term of President of the US.

Pack Cassiopian 10/5/16 22:23

Some bad guys are trying to destroy the relationship between two countries, especially using human right-related issues

MaskOf Zero 10/5/16 22:25

Vietnam is an official member of UN human right council, we ensure all basic rights of the people, building a happy life in Vietnam for everyone.

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