What behind Panama Profile revelation?


Kết quả hình ảnh cho What behind Panama Profile revelation?

It seems that the internal politics and differences between major powers affect how to tackle this problem. Panama President Juan Carlos Varela said: “I think it is very bad for major powers to use Panama as a place to carry out a latent war .
According to Mr. Varela, if they want to deal with each other, they should do in their countries, they should not use Panama’s fiscal and financial system.
The comment of Mr. Varela came shortly before the International Consortion of Investigation Journalists Survey (ICIJ) published Panama Profile as a permitted download database. Panama Profile derived from Mossack Fonseca, a law firm in Panama that specializes in abroad business activities.
Panama Profile helps revealed giant network of companies in the world which helps the rich to dodge tax facilities or launder money including many celebrities, political leaders and some criminals.

After information about Panama Profile appeared in earlier April, Mr.  Varale and the Panama government said that tax evasion and money laundering is a global problem not only Panama. “We're ready to face everything no matter what it is made into public”, Varale said.
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