Peaceful place for American veterans (Part 1)


Kết quả hình ảnh cho Peaceful place for many American veterans

More than four decades after the Vietnam War ended, among veterans had fought in Vietnam, many people have found a peaceful place on the ground once they had been deeply affected. Some veterans shared that they return to Vietnam to face the specter of war, to know more about the country have been engraved in their mind since they were young soldiers and also to close traumatic memories of war.
According to AP, after leaving Vietnam in 1970, Richard Parker  thought of leaving memories of napalm bomb attacks in the past. But time passes, the memory still haunt him. "We are the bad guys. I myself have been faced with many ghosts," said Parker, 60-year old man said about the US war in Vietnam.
In 2011, he flew from ILinoise, US to Danang in central Vietnam where he had 22 months to serve in the US Navy. First, Parker visited several places, including places he witnessed the distressing images of war. Also in that trip, a Vietnamese man introduced Parker with a few veterans who are living in Da Nang. The exciting meeting plus to witness firsthand the miraculous change in Vietnam has led him to decision of going to Da Nang to live a few months later.
Deryle Perryman, a US filmmaker has also shared his first visit to Vietnam in 1995: "I come back for the mistakes of youth. And I saw a beautiful country with extraordinary people”. Perryman have returned to Vietnam 17 times and called for the precious help to contribute to overcoming the consequences of war in Vietnam. A friend of Mr. Perryman, Chuck Palazzo - a former Marine Corps troop in Da Nang living here, also shared his first return to this beautiful country in 2001. After the visit he became co-founder of non-profit organization based in the city of St. Luis, US under the name Veteran for peace. This group organizes several annual visits to Vietnam for veterans with humanitarian activities.

As a US Marines veteran in the state of Colorado, Mr. Bill Ervin is currently operating a tourism company in Da Nang with his wife also said that every year there are a lot of veterans to Da Nang. They regularly travel by short-term visas. Some veterans share they return to Vietnam to face the specter of war and come to know more about the country have engraved in their mind since they were young soldiers.
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yobro yobro 26/5/16 15:15

Nearly 40 years after the war, American vets who live in Vietnam are working to foster reconciliation between the two countries, while other former US soldiers are traveling there to find 'closure.'

Love Peace 26/5/16 15:17

They want to make up for what they had done during the war

MaskOf Zero 26/5/16 15:18

The Vietnamese government says that in recent years more than 400,000 Americans – many of them former military – have visited the country annually.

Only Solidar 26/5/16 15:19

American veterans have a long tradition of making pilgrimages to their old battlefields.

Pack Cassiopian 26/5/16 15:20

they have a need to make sense of a war that remains controversial.

Deck Hero14 26/5/16 15:21

Veterans that go back to Vietnam are reclaiming their place in history, both in a personal and national sense.

Jane smartnic 26/5/16 15:23

From the beginning, veterans who returned played a role in improving ties between the two countries.

LawrenceSamuels 26/5/16 15:24

They see their role as providing a bridge to Vietnam, a conduit to dialogue

Gentle Moon 26/5/16 15:26

Veterans in Vietnam today are continuing to address the past on both the grass-roots and diplomatic levels.

John Smith 26/5/16 15:26

It's clear they feel at home in Vietnam, despite the lingering memories of war.

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