A historic agreement

After the prolonged negotiation, on July 30, Iran and the P5+1 (including the US, Russia, China, France and Germany) have finally reached a nuclear agreement. This is considered a historic agreement ending 12 years of tough negotiation, creating opportunities for international relations and pushing back the risk of conflicts in the region that still have much violence.
It’s not easy to come to the end of the negotiation. In the early period, all parties had strongly protected their own interests, called the red lines, and don’t want the others to violate. Yet, the final result has shown all parties had tried to seek a “high-quality” agreement, rather than accepting an “in-time” agreement.
Obviously, at this time, the nuclear agreement is a necessary choice for both sides because the confrontation does not benefit anyone. If the US’s economic embargo had hit Iran, it also prevents American and European investors from accessing Iranian potential market. Furthermore, more than ever, President Obama is trying to reach an impressive record in his foreign policy by easing lingering tension with Iran. And the most important things, the US and Europe both need Iran to stabilize the turbulence in the Middle East. Iran is holding the master key that can unlock all big issues of the region such as Syria and Iraq conflicts or the fight against the organization of IS.
Under the new agreement, the sanctions imposed on Iran shall be lifted. In return, Tehran has to restrict its nuclear program that the West has suspected to produce atomic bombs. Iran also has to allow the United Nations’ inspectors to monitor its military bases. The sanction will be resumed within 65 days if there is any violation of Iran. In addition, the UN’s sanctions of weapons remains in next 5 years and the ballistic missiles sanctions on Iran remains in next 8 years. The agreement between Iran and the P5+1 will officially take effect after 90 days since the UN Security Council adopts resolution to approve the agreement.
It can be affirmed that the agreement will help Iran get out of the blockade, opening a new chapter for relation between Iran and the world and the region. The agreement is also considered a good one for Iran because Iran is still allowed to enrich uranium at its big nuclear plants and also continue its program to develop the main centrifugal machine under the close observation of the UN.
As for the US and the West, the agreement not only brings economic benefits but also help them have more conditions to control the Iran’s nuclear program avoiding a new high-cost war in the Middle East. Especially, for Obama’s government, the passing of the agreement has affirmed the accuracy of foreign policy that is not in favor of violence and interference.
On the international area, the agreement has set a good precedent. It shows that the diplomacy and cooperation can help overcome tensions and confrontation at any level. It also produces hopes for resolving “hot spots” on the world by peace, not the violence. With the development in the relation between the US and Cuba, the agreement will create an example for normalization between the US and Iran that has broken since 1980.
Despite the fact that “small doors” has been opened, there are still potential risks on the road ahead. Obama’s efforts can only be successful if the agreement is approved by the US’s parliament an most importantly be obeyed fully by all parties of the agreement./.

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Deck Hero14 25/7/15 21:03

Congratulations the US and Iran, that's very good!

John Smith 25/7/15 21:06

It's very crucial for the peace of the world!

Love Peace 25/7/15 21:08

the most significant diplomatic milestone in a dispute that has lasted for more than a decade and could significantly alter geopolitics in the Middle East.

Gentle Moon 25/7/15 21:10

I hope — and indeed believe — that this agreement will lead to greater mutual understanding and cooperation on the many serious security challenges in the Middle East,

Pack Cassiopian 25/7/15 21:11

We make the world better and safer for next generations

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