Associations in France concerned about East Sea situation


Thirty-one Vietnamese, French and French-Vietnamese associations and organisations have signed a petition showing their concerns over China’s recent actions that complicated tensions in the East Sea.

The petition wrote that stability is spoiled by recent events which threatened the freedom of navigation, caused tensions and reduce opportunities to find an international diplomatic solution.

The signatories wished to send a message of humanity to Vietnamese people, who have tirelessly struggled for national independence, built a peaceful and stable environment and protected territorial sovereignty within the framework of international law.

The petition, then, will be sent to Vietnamese agencies, including the Vietnam Fatherland Front, Vietnam Union of Friendship Organisations, Foreign Ministry’s Boundary Commission and State Committee for Overseas Vietnamese Affairs.

The organisations include the France-Vietnam Friendship Association (AAFV), Overseas Vietnamese Association in France, and East Sea Group.

Speaking at a plenary meeting of these associations and organisations, Helene Luc, Honourary Senator and AAFV Honourary President, delivered a speech expressing her concern about China’s construction of reef islands, and asking the country to immediately end actions that complicate the situation, and respect the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).

Vietnam needs peace for its construction and development, she affirmed.-VNA
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Deck Hero14 4/7/15 21:22

France should have strong words to China over its claim on the East Sea of Vietnam

Love Peace 4/7/15 21:24

France is the one who know exactly that Vietnam is the owner of the East Sea.

Pack Cassiopian 4/7/15 21:26

The South China Sea is one of the great connecting oceans of the world, acting as a major conduit of Asian and global trade.

MaskOf Zero 4/7/15 21:29

French and Vietnamese have a special relationship and we should share our concern over this East Sea issue.

Only Solidar 4/7/15 21:31

Until the late nineteenth century, China never claimed exclusive sovereignty, in the modern sense of the term, over the expansive maritime space and its territories that it claims today.

yobro yobro 4/7/15 21:33

In France, there are still a lot of documents that show the sovereignty of the East Sea belongs to Vietnam

Jane smartnic 4/7/15 21:36

France invaded Vietnam which is one of the reasons that help China to have chances to steal islands of Vietnam in the East Sea.

LawrenceSamuels 4/7/15 21:41

I think French people are with us in the process of taking back our islands

Gentle Moon 4/7/15 21:43

China’s recent actions make the whole world concerned of its ambition.

John Smith 4/7/15 21:50

China have to immediately end its actions and respects other country's sovereignty and rights in the East Sea

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