Meals for workers and health of enterprises

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With much effort to the specific measures, the years working to ensure food safety in collective kitchens in industrial parks and export processing zones has achieved significant results. However, the fact shows that food safety remains complicated and always contain potential risks of food poisoning which directly impact on the health of workers.
Many people believe that health is not only the property of the workers but also of the business. However, many business owners still entrust food safety for contractors providing food rations for workers or administrative department so implementation of food safety is often low and incomplete. Recently, hundreds of food poisoning cases continued occurrence, even thousands of workers.
Labourers work with high intensity so lunch has an important role which help regenerating their strength. However, the price of a meal costs only from 10 to 12 thousand VND, quite low in comparison with the price on the market. With this rate, the processing facilities need to use the materials of unknown origin, poor quality, low nutritional value and potential unsafety. Poor quality meals will directly impact labor productivity, making them depressed, unwilling to work.
To ensure food safety in the canteens of industrial areas, beside the responsibility of state authorities, the business owners plays the decisive role. Business owners need to determine that the health of employees is the capital, property of both enterprises and workers. The employers have to bear responsibility for ensuring food safety for the unit, initiatively sign between enterprises and local health agencies in order to improve the efficiency of information and communication and education with the goal of behavioral change towards sustainability and social responsibility.
The state should have the remedy to force business leaders take responsibility for a collective meal of workers; implement signing between enterprises and management agencies on food safety; specify minimum price for workers' meals. The units carry out comprehensive research and propose policy on price; advice on nutrition norms of a ready-made food for the workers. More than anyone else, the business leaders should consider improving the quality of worker's meal for productive investment.
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