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Kết quả hình ảnh cho netizen

Today, netizen is becoming a very popular concept in social activities. On some newspapers (especially websites), the clauses such as “netizens was urgent…”, “netizen is tumultuary…”, “netizen goes crazy…” are being used widely, which is sometimes considered to represent public opinion! Therefore, a question arisen that whether netizen is true community with jurisdiction or not? By looking at the activities of many netizens now, just see them giving toady comments, sharing some gossip, even malice with serious consequences.
It is undeniable that netizen is an inevitable product of the internet which is specially developed, widely disseminated by social networks. Therefore, netizen now is a very popular concept and have a certain influence in society. The coveraging degree of netizen at large level to such an extend that every website for young people also have the forum named “Netizens” or “Network Community”, where to publish every news and events taking place on social networks by point of view of netizens. It is worth mentioning that who netizens represent but giving themselves the right to judge and criticize an individual or a particular event? By reading reviews of their judgments, we could see mostly comments are personal and very superficial but they are continually shared on the social network, thereby affecting the private lives of individuals that they focused to attack. The subjective and unwilling comments of internet users are possible to injury certain individual even though they are strangers in thousands of kilometers away. That is not to mention part of netizens who self think that they have enough knowledge and understanding to make any comments on the issue of social life. They are not aware that many comments were not right and it did not represent the majority. And if there is any opposite view, they will join together on to sarcasm, insult other people with opposite opinions. With uneasy attitude, if only through the judgment given on forums or social networks, it most likely will be the source causing disagreements, conflicts and making others infected skewed perspective on social issues.
Admittedly, part of the media (especially newspapers or websites maintained primarily by the entertainment news) have contributed to the community's role when forming network categories which only give information about them (as mentioned above). Dense degree of reported news like commentary, criticism, judgment of netizens gradually becomes mainstream sources? But in fact, they just like the “hero when using keyboard”. They are always panic or coil with the pain of others, always possible to criticize any wrongdoing but just on virtual space, on social networking sites only, while responsibility for their mouthpiece is almost none. On the blog of director Phanxine (Phan Gia Nhat Linh) published an opinion that netizen shared paths, spread rumors without examining right or wrong. They only cut, paste and share the path. This idea of ​​director Phanxine partly explains the nature of most netizens seemed to response according to the majority.

It would be superficial if only looking at the negative behaviors of the minority to assess the internet in general because most netizens is serious, active and responsible for their operations. Internet is a big and indefinite world, it contains many benefits but also countless pitfalls. Obviously, it is not every internet participants will be netizen, it depends on consciousness, attitude and personal behavior when operating in a large and complex community. Joining the online activities requires individual responsibility with bravery to drive innovation to become a true netizen, building a healthy and wise network community, thereby contributing part in the overall development of society.
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