To complete policies toward redundant laborers

Kết quả hình ảnh cho chinh sach doi voi lao dong du thua
The Government has issued a decree policy toward redundant laborers due to rearrangement of the State-owner limited liability companies for  replacing Decree No. 91/2010/ ND-CP, which expandes the scope for implementing with mergered, consolidated, divided enterprises and added a number of policies for redundant workers.
Accordingly, workers to retire before age will receive an amount according to the number of social insurance contributions and the average salary last 5 years by the level of support each year of social insurance contributions on base salary a month.
For workers recruited before the April 21, 1998 when companies perform equitisation, deal or transformation into limited liability companies with two members or more. Administrative units now replace allowances one month's salary as severance allowance as defined in Article 49 of the Labour Code and support an amount for each year working at the company.
For employees recruited before April 26, 2002 when the company dissolved, bankruptcy, they will receive severance allowance prescribed in Article 48 of the Labour Code and a subsidy payments instead one month salary as stipulated before.
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