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Recently, two Vietnamese tourists have arrested for their behavior when violating the law while traveling a European country have once again caused public discontent. Bad awareness and behavior of a part of Vietnamese when going abroad not only embarrass themselves but also tarnish the image of Vietnam in the eyes of international friends.
It is easy to see that Vietnamese people often suffer when traveling abroad in groups or self-sufficiency such as waste food and drink, smoking where prohibited, making noise at public places, interrupting when queuing, inappropriate costumes while sightseeing even violating the provisions of the local law. The offender may in custody, warning or paying large fines and even deportation regarding legal aspect. The uncivilized behaviors in public places are also offensive to others, creating bad stereotypes about Vietnam tourists in general. Clearly, many people are unaware of the importance of behaving properly and maintain their image abroad.
Recently, the General Department of Tourism has sent dispatches to departments and agencies and international travel agencies on correcting violations of laws and customs of the host country when a number of Vietnam citizens traveling abroad. Specifically, in order to prevent unfortunate incidents happen, the traveling agencies must organize union meetings before leaving to detail common provisions, the proposal law-abiding travelers as well as respect culture of other countries. Agencies or businesses organizing for employees to travel abroad must recommend and emphasize the civilized behaviors, preserving tradition and should not act detrimentally to the country, the culture and the national image.
This is considered as timely reaction but effective measures will remain to raise awareness and consciousness of travelers. Through the issuance of brochures, documentation to improve professional qualifications as well as the role of team leaders or the leaders of the popular groups and reminded the members, as well as enhanced communication on the mass media. Besides, it is important to study and issue appropriate sanctions to strictly handle violations. This is also the form in which some countries have applied.

Traveling abroad is not only the opportunity to explore the world, satisfy the quest for knowledge, but also a chance to promote the country and people of Vietnam so that worldwide people understand love Vietnam. Each person should make sense of preserving the image of the country itself and upon reaching other countries, implementation of the small action but a manifestation of civilized behaviors such as keeping order public spaces, general hygiene, adhering to and plan for the whole group, to observe the regulations and laws of the other countries. More than that, it is to create good impressions about Vietnam in the eyes of international friend, contributing to promote the image of Vietnam as a safe, friendly and attractive destination.
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