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In 2015, Vietnam will celebrate the 20th anniversary of joining ASEAN along with the time of birth of the ASEAN Community (December 2015). Vietnam joined the ASEAN associated with the process of renovation, gradual international integration of the country while Vietnam also contributed significantly to the growth of this organization. This is an important opportunity for us to look back on Vietnam’s participation into ASEAN in recent years and the orientation for the next time step.
The process involving ASEAN of Vietnam always attaches to the major undertakings of foreign policy, international integration of the Party and the State in accordance with increasing trend of regionalization. The policy of “promoting and expanding relations with all countries in the world, no respecter of the social political regime, enforcing friendship policy, cooperation and peaceful coexistence for development, consistent with the interests of our people and the development trend of the world” is considered the leading thought for the international integration of Vietnam and policies of “promoting comprehensive and effective cooperation with the ASEAN countries as well as the Asian Pacific countries and “Vietnam will actively, positively and responsibly to build a strong ASEAN Community, strengthen relations with partners to maintain and enhance the important role of ASEAN in the framework of cooperation in the Asia-Pacific”, “strive with ASEAN countries to build Southeast Asia into a region of peace, stability, cooperation and prosperity”. It could be said that Vietnam’s participation into ASEAN is synonymous with innovation processes towards external thinking of Vietnam.
Shortly after joining ASEAN, we have played an active role in the admission of Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar, completing the idea of ​​an ASEAN with all 10 Southeast Asian countries. The formation of the ASEAN-10 has helped building relationships between qualitatively new member states in the direction of friendship, stability, long-term and comprehensive cooperation more closely; creating favorable conditions for promoting regional connectivity, towards forming the ASEAN Community.
Vietnam has successfully completed the task of ASEAN chairman and hosted many conferences. Firstly, just three years after joining ASEAN, Vietnam successfully organized the 6th ASEAN Summit in Hanoi  (December 1998) with important results, including the Hanoi Action Plan to contribute to the development direction of the Association, helping ASEAN overcome the financial crisis. The concerned ministries as well as Congress and the people's organizations chaired successfully many important conferences of ASEAN at all levels and different sectors, contributing to strengthening cooperation. In particular, Vietnam successfully completed the role of ASEAN Chairman in 2010 with the substantive results, contributing to the “culture of compliance” and concretizing an important step goal of ASEAN Community 2015, enhancing the role and international position of ASEAN.

Through 20 years of participation in ASEAN cooperation, we have realized more fully on the opportunities and challenges, advantages and disadvantages, and learned valuable lessons. New development phase of ASEAN with interwoven opportunities and challenges require more thorough preparation to improve efficiency of joining ASEAN cooperation and get the maximum advantage of the benefits.
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