Social criticism and the mission of the true journalist

Journalism has been contributing to the process of social democratization. This process is replacing monologue with dialogue, monopoly/ give and take mechanism with competition.
The role of journalism is very important in making the negative issues and covered mistakes come to light of the law, especially in comparison with inside fighting against the bad things. Journalists are the soldiers in “a huge fight against the old and spoiled things and to create new and good things” as President Ho Chi Minh wrote in his will.
Journalists are playing well the role of social criticism of journalism. In science, it’s very clear that there is no “criticism”, there is no development because science is a chain of fixed mistakes. And the fixing is the result of discussion, criticism of the wrong and accepting the right.
There is not only in science that need the “criticism”, but also in areas of a society such as politics, economics, culture...
Along with transferring policies, guidelines and messages from top to down, journalism also have a function to take feedbacks and other information from down to top to make the better adjustment and fixing.
With the development of the Internet, people are now connected worldwide. And the prevention of accessing information is impossible. Sometimes, the prevention makes people more curious and really want to find the information themselves in the Internet.
Therefore, at this time, journalism has much condition to implement its honored mission that is to live among people, to faithfully share hopes and worries, love and hatred, happiness and sadness with people.
The will and power of people will decide its own development. This has been demonstrated clearly in our history.
Nowadays, we’re watching a lot of hot news, informative events on newspapers, TVs... that is the journalist’s efforts. In this “huge fight”, sometimes journalists have to face with dangerous situations, even threatening to their lives.
The activeness in finding information and the accuracy in analysis of events of journalists are shown on their news that is awaited by the public.
The public has realized that is straight access to get to the truth, reflecting wills and hopes of all class of society, making social pressures to fight against the old, bad and spoiled things that are hindering the development of the country.
Journalism and mass media are implementing well the function of social criticism of journalism. The public always highly treasures and respects the journalists who are faithful and brave to bring the truth to light, event taking high cost to their lives.
Implementing the function of social criticism, journalism is contributing to social democratization. This process is replacing monologue with dialogue, monopoly/give and take mechanism with competition, contributing to fulfilling the shared mission of building and protecting the country./.

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yobro yobro 16/7/15 21:27

The society is now really open, people have a lot of conditions to develop their ability

John Smith 16/7/15 21:29

Journalism have a very important role in building people's awareness and behavior.

Jane smartnic 16/7/15 21:31

I want to be a true journalist who belongs to the public and the truth.

Gentle Moon 16/7/15 21:33

Criticism is good for the development of society.

LawrenceSamuels 16/7/15 21:36

Following the leadership of the Party, journalism will have a very good way to develop

erica black 17/7/15 05:58

nowadays there are so many types of media for readers to choose

Dennis White 17/7/15 06:05

some newspapers often reported the sensational information, inaccurate information, even distorted to attract readers so need to have control over the media

Jack Walker 17/7/15 06:10

in the past time, many cases of corruption have been found by press, which demonstrates it's role in making a better society

Thompson Catherine 17/7/15 06:18

so it's not right that some people have criticized Vietnam's violations of press freedom

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