Memorial service held for soldiers who died in sea battles: Tears and determination

The Vietnam Buddhist Sangha held a memorial service in Ho Chi Minh city on July 22 for soldiers and civilians who sacrificed their lives safeguarding the nation’s sovereignty at sea.
Among the honourned were 64 soldiers who fell in the 1988 battle of Gac Ma Island in Truong Sa (Spratly) archipelago. More than 4000 participants were thrilled when watching the clip of the heroic sacrifice of the martyrs to protect Gac Ma Island on the day of March 14 1988. After the ceremony, a painting named Gac Ma – Immortal Circle by Ho Chi Minh painter Bui Le Trang was auctioned and sold for 1.28 billion VND (58,700 USD).
Supporting martyrs’ relatives
Mrs Tran Thi Lieu, the wife of martyr Nguyen Mau Phong (Quang Binh province), said: “This is the biggest ceremony for 64 martyrs that I have ever seen for 27 years”.
“I feel warm in my heart and I think wives and mothers of other martyrs who died in Gac Ma Island have same feeling as mine. Even many lives would takes, I vow to encourage my descendents holding guns to protect our country’s sacred sea, to never let the martyrs as my husband disappointed”, she said.
At the ceremony, when watching the clip recording the China’s bloody massacre of Vietnamese soldiers on Gac Ma Island, the eyes of the wife and the child of martyr Tran Van Phuong, who tried to hold the flag of Vietnam till his last breath, filled with tear. Tran Van Phuong is also the main figure holding the national flag in the painting Gac Ma – Immortal Circle of the artist Bui Le Trang.
Ms Tran Thi Thuy, the daughter of martyr Tran Van Phuong said: “This occasion is very special to my family. The death of my father has been the pain and a great loss to my mom and I, nothing can make up for this. Yet following my father, who I’m always proud of, I has tried to overcome all difficulties in my life to become a soldier as my father. I hope that my strength will contribute for the work of protecting the nation, especially the sacred sea where my father and his comrades had sacrificed their lives to protect”.
Be ready whenever the nation calls
Veteran Le Van Dong, who joined Gac Ma battle and captured and detained by China afterward, said: “Watching the clip of Gac Ma battle on March 14 1988, I felt deeply hurt again”.
“My comrades, Phuong, Thieng, Tri... I was luckier than you. Today, everyone is gathering here for your memorial ceremony. You all should come back here. We never forget you!” he said.
Veteran Le Huu Thao said in tear that I cannot control my feeling to hold the tears seeing my friends after 27 years. If the North wants to invade our country again, we will be ready to hold guns to protect our country”.
Veteran Tran Thieng Phung, who joined Gac Ma battle in 1988 and was captured by China at 5.30 the morning after, had been jaied at Loi Chau peninsula, Tram Giang city of China until 1991. He is now at 4/4 level of injury - the highest level.
Mr. Phung said “Coming back to family, knowing that a lot of my friends in Gac Ma battle died, I was shocked”.
“After many years in prison and returning to normal life, I feel very warm with the care of society for me, myself and my fallen comrades. Today, we have chance to meet again in this sacred ceremony”.
The memorial ceremony is a special occasion for all of us to remember the heroic sacrifice of our ancestors to protect the country from the claws of the North. Through this activity we have been inspired to live more responsible and determined to contribute for the work of building and protecting the country. And we also never forget one part of our country – the Paracel Island that has been stolen by the North. The duty of all Vietnamese is to tale it back to the motherland of Vietnam./.

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Love Peace 31/7/15 21:58

We never forget the past with the fights to protect the Government!

MaskOf Zero 31/7/15 22:00

Despite the rules of international law and relationship, China has always been a bastard in the demand of sovereignty.

yobro yobro 31/7/15 22:03

We have to learn the heroic actions of the soldiers who was died for us to live.

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