The brazen slander

Kết quả hình ảnh cho vu khống

On June 13, 2015, Truong Minh Tam had a reply to an interview conducted by RFA on the issue of human rights in Vietnam. During the question-answer format, Tam “confessed” his plan and informed what he “found” in the prisons of Vietnam.
Truong Minh Tam and those in RFA needed to be said clearly to understand that: Firstly, in Vietnam today there is nothing so-called “prisoners of conscience”, “political prisoner” like some paranoid people have devised. In Vietnam there are only lawbreakers who committed offences stipulated in the Criminal Code of Vietnam. After a public and equitable trial, if they deserved to be sent to prison, the sentences would be executed in accordance with the law. People like Cu Huy Ha Vu, Le Cong Dinh, Nguyen Van Hai, Truong Minh Tam and some others all were those who sinned and were judged by Vietnam Court in accordance with the law. Tam called these people as “dissidents” and regarded it for reason why they lead directly to prison. He said it was a shameless slander to distort the results in ensuring human rights in Vietnam. There are facts during the last years that the State and the Government of Vietnam has a lot of efforts in the implementation of democracy, ensuring the legitimate rights of the people of Vietnam. Constitution of 2013 marked a great progress in judicial reform, expressing determination of the State in ensuring democracy and human rights in Vietnam. So although Tam said everything erroneously about situation in Vietnam, he could not deceive public opinion.

Second, Tam said that the “prisoners of conscience” in Vietnam must be in exile in prison with many hardships. His words proved that he was inventing stories. Whether did he see Cu Huy Ha Vu with fat body condition (although some bloggers have deviant mind that Vu had “hunger” for months), he was in a cell alone with TV, books newspapers... Those images all posted by Vu’s accomplices. Moreover, Tam should understand that during the US invasion of Vietnam, prisons were built up by American and the Saigon government all over the South of Vietnam. There have been tens of thousands of political prisoners who are patriotic, they really wanted to expel the invaders to achieve independence and freedom for the country, they were also imprisoned in prisons of the United States and the Saigon regime. Thousands of communist-political soldiers were killed or tortured to death by American and the Saigon government. Until now, the relics such as Con Dao Prison, Phu Quoc Prison, etc… are evidences of barbaric crimes of the US and the Saigon regime... So, people like Truong Minh Tam need to gradually learn the history to cure their increasingly heavy paranoia.
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Gentle Moon 6/7/15 23:38

This is a completely groundless fabrication denying the reality in Vietnam in an attempt to serve reactionary forces which are opposing the country.

Jane smartnic 6/7/15 23:39

The slanderous allegations are clearly aimed at distorting the country’s achievements on human rights in general and press freedom in particular.

Love Peace 6/7/15 23:39

It’s worth mentioning that this organisation has repeatedly made use of press forums, particularly online means of communications such as the Internet, to disseminate reactionary ideas, incite national resentment and cause instability in an attempt to sabotage the Socialist Republic of Vietnam – a sovereign country.

Pack Cassiopian 6/7/15 23:40

The fact is that a number of people living inside and outside the country, but lacking responsibility and goodwill towards Vietnam often post on the Internet inhumane and decadent cultural information, running counter to national customs and practices.

Deck Hero14 6/7/15 23:41

According to information technology experts, up to three percent of the Websites around the world run such decadent contents.

Only Solidar 6/7/15 23:41

there is no denying that a sovereign country like Vietnam takes certain measures to prevent such reactionary materials against national stability and unity. Prevention of such information also shows the Party and State’s responsibility for protecting traditional cultural values.

MaskOf Zero 6/7/15 23:42

This proves that the author of the annual report lacks objective and clear views when coming up with comments on press freedom in Vietnam.

yobro yobro 6/7/15 23:43

Despite its underdeveloped economy and technical infrastructure, Vietnam is one of the countries that have realised the importance and enormous advantages of the Internet to national development.

LawrenceSamuels 6/7/15 23:43

A representative of the United Nations Development Programme in Vietnam said that Vietnam, with its increased role in the international community, has developed a modern press industry with professional and devoted journalists who make great contributions to the ongoing Doi Moi (Renewal) process in the country.

John Smith 6/7/15 23:44

With the strong development of the press and high acclaims by the UNDP representative, Vietnamese journalists are entitled to be proud of their responsibilities towards national development.

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