National reconciliation follows the call of heart

40 years after the war, the national harmony and reconciliation have not ended yet...
Kyle Horst, an American, who has lived in Vietnam for many years, and now traveling back and forth between the two counties. He said that doesn’t understand how the story of Vietnam national reconciliation is going on. He still sees some people who have been acting against the mainstream of the national reconciliation that has been promoted strongly in Vietnam.
Although Kyle is very compassionate for Vietnam, as an American, he can’t understand fully the meaning of this long story. For Vietnamese people, it takes long time and experience to get to the cause of the story... 21 years of war had been a long time with a lot of pain and losses for both sides, especially for many Vietnamese families. There is pain in the soul of people which have not been easily to be healed. Therefore, more than 40 years after the war, there are still separations between Vietnamese people who had fought against each other on the both sides... A small part of Vietnamese still keep the hatred in their soul and thinking toward their brothers... The reconciliation is not onl t he problem for people who involved in the war, but also for the generations that were born after the war. As a result, the national reconciliation has lingered in the mind of many Vietnamese people. This isn’t a new problem, the reconciliation has been discussed since 1975 but the progress has remained slow due to the obstacles made by people who can’t overcome the past. There are a lot of Vietnamese people living and working in foreign countries, among them, there are some who don’t really understand the policies of the Party and Government. They don’t have or have enough official information or being abused by people who has bad political intention or hostile forces... Thus, the reconciliation is being badly affected. But these reasons can’t stop the progress of reconciliation in Vietnam, the reconciliation is still developing. The motherland of Vietnam always welcomes its lost children to go home.
The conversation with Kyle Horst would never end if he did not give the conclusion for the reconciliation. “in a society, it is very normal if there are a lot of different ideas. We should respect and being ready for dialogue to find common ground in building the country. This is act of reconciliation”, he said.
Kyle was right. In parallel with developing the economy, Vietnam has focused on institutional reform, building a democratic society, developing fairly between material and spiritual life. The achievements in economy and poverty alleviation, which have been made by Vietnamese inside and outside of Vietnam, have been recognized by international community. The increase in economy and income of the people show the efforts and the state of being united of all Vietnamese people in the progress of easing the pain of the war. It also shows the desire of Vietnamese people in the cause of peace, solidarity and international cooperation. For example, the Vietnam – US relationship is a typical evidence that demonstrates the motto “put aside the past and look to the future” of the Party and Government of Vietnam, satisfying the demands of the people of the two countries and the movement of international cooperation, contributing to the national reconciliation, especially for Vietnamese people who emigrated to America after 1975.
It has been 40 years since the day when the South of Vietnam was completely liberated, the country was fully united. Regardless of who won or lost in that war, we all share the pain and losses in Vietnamese families, the separation in Vietnamese people and the widespread devastation on our country, “No one can choose where to be born”, “Don’t let the past bind the future”... these are sayings of the former Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet about the national reconciliation and harmony. These sayings have touched everyone’s soul, especially overseas Vietnamese. Thus, closing the past and looking the future are actions and responsibilities of all those who are carrying the Vietnamese blood./.

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Only Solidar 16/7/15 21:17

No matter who was lost or win the war, we're Vietnamese, we're brothers

Deck Hero14 16/7/15 21:19

We all have to build our country bigger and stronger to fight against enemies who want to rob our land

MaskOf Zero 16/7/15 21:20

It's tough to ease the pain of the war, but I believe that we can do it.

Love Peace 16/7/15 21:23

Forever our motherland, Vietnam!

Pack Cassiopian 16/7/15 21:26

We have witnessed a lot of wars on our country, from now on what we all need are just peace and development

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