Striving for peace and development of mankind

Kết quả hình ảnh cho stop war
World War II was the most intense war in human’s history, involved 76 countries and 1.7 billion people, claimed the lives of about 55 to 60 million people, wounded more than 90 million people in the world. The cost of the war was 1,384 billion, total material damage estimated 4,000 billion. Soviet people (including the Russian people) suffered the greatest damage caused by the war with 27 million dead, 30 million wounded, thousands of cities and towns devastated...
70 years have passed, World War II was receding but significant through ages, stature and history lessons of victories defeating fascism remain its value. In the world today, it still exist plots and actions to dominate the world by force, using modern weapons to destroy mankind by warlike forces. Religious ethnic, racial, conflicts and violence still continue. Some forces continue imposition of the powerful conspiracy, interference in internal affairs, violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the nation by many tricks. Therefore, the freedom-and-justice-loving peoples must unite, strengthen the struggle for a sustainable peace on Earth. We should be wary of attempts to rewrite history as well as forming new fascism. Silent sacrifice of ordinary people in the war for national defense and anti-fascism should be honored.

As a country that has experienced the fierce war, the people of Vietnam understand the value of peace, along with peoples of the world strive for peace, prosperity and the happiness and growth of humanity. The world has been changing but the victory of the Great Patriotic War and the decisive role of the Soviet people to save mankind from the scourge of fascism remains a historical truth without power that no-one can deny. The people of Vietnam will join peace-loving people, progressive forces in the world to protect and promote the values ​​that the Great Patriotic War and the struggle of the people of the world against fascism had brought.
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Funny Day 24/7/15 05:23

nowadays, in the context of globalization, the trend of cooperation and development among countries over the world plays a key role

Williams Melanie 24/7/15 05:31

right, almost countries oppose and make their efforts to avoid the war that will inevitably cause more losses

Davis Caroline 24/7/15 05:37

East Sea is currently one of the hot spots in the world that is capable of clashes because China is increasingly aggressive and expansionist in area

Anthony Jones 24/7/15 05:46

clashes between the US and China is likely to occur in Eas sea because the US has strategic interests in East Sea

Thompson Catherine 24/7/15 05:50

I don't think so, both china and the US never want that comes to true. They have already understood the cost of the war.

Dennis White 25/7/15 16:34

China actually needs the peaceful environment to develop their country, so they will not surely take a risk of making a war.

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