East Sea and Vietnam’s bravery

                                                  Vietnam's navy patrol on the East Sea

The dispute in East Sea (also called South China Sea) is getting hotter and hotter and Vietnam is showing its independence more clearly. These are the bravery, self-esteem and stand of Vietnam.
As we all know, the East Sea is a semi-enclosed sea in the Pacific Ocean, covering an area of over 3.5 million sq. km. It is bordered by nine coastal countries, namely Vietnam, China, the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia and Singapore.
The East Sea is abundant in natural resources, especially oil, gas and marine resources. Recently, data suggest that the sea has huge reserves of natural hydrate.
The sea is the second busiest maritime route in the world after the Mediterranean route, with 150 - 200 large-tonnage ships passing through its waters every day. Imports and exports essential for such major economies as China, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Chinese Taiwan and Hong Kong, depend largely on this shipping route. Militarily, the East Sea is where naval fleets from many countries both inside and outside the region operate.
All these factors have led to an inevitable and obvious situation that in the East Sea the interests of many countries are closely intertwined at different levels. Peace and stability in the East Sea directly affect peace and stability in the region and the world.
If China, claiming itself as the Universal Center and restoring its China dream, continues its recent aggressive acts in the East Sea, there would be a threat of war with global consequences.
War in the past
In the past, there was a thought that the invader is an army with a lot of soldiers and weapons (called the hardware) and very aggressive to go to war.
Unfortunately, with that thought, all the North invasions of Vietnam had ended with massive failure. That shows the hardware doesn’t decide the result of the war, but it’s the software (including factors of the sky, the land and the people) which plays a decisive role.
Nowadays, the comparison in number of the army even reduces its role because the quality of weapons is also very important to the result of the war.
It is hard to compare the hardware exactly when it’s always changed by the affect of the software like the geography, the way of using weapons... Thus, in modern warfare, subjectivity and recklessness would pay the high cost.
Plenty are not advantageous...
China army’s forces outnumber their neighbors’ armies, but there are two things that make China feel tough when they have intention to take East Sea as their own pond.
China has a big amount of soldiers in their army, but they cannot put their whole military forces for the related East Sea issues. For example, China has about 70 submarines in their South China Sea Fleet, but they cannot take all of them to serve for their ambitions in the East Sea, it depends on “should or shouldn’t”, “can or cannot”... In addition, China must be wary of Japan and even Taiwan... Thus, China’s military forces are huge but scattered.
On the other hand, if China recklessly implement its huge forces in the East Sea, it’s easy for their opponents to take advantage to attack and destroy their bulky formation.
Excepting Russia, Vietnam is the only one that possesses all 3 best types of anti-ship cruise missiles, including Kh-35E, Uran-E and Yakhont that could be launched from jet fighters, destroyers and submarines.
Therefore, in comparison of the military forces of parties that related to the dispute in the East Sea, the “huge or big” are just relative. And it’s baseless to point out who are strong or weak, winners or losers from the relativity of the military forces. If someone decides to change the status quote of the East Sea, it’s the act of adventure.

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MaskOf Zero 25/7/15 21:15

Vietnam is the legal owner of the Paracel and Spratly achipelagoes

LawrenceSamuels 25/7/15 21:17

The South China Sea is a critical commercial gateway for a significant portion of the world’s merchant shipping, and hence is an important economic and strategic sub-region of the Indo-Pacific

Only Solidar 25/7/15 21:20

Vietnam has enough military ability to defend its sovereignty and rights in the East Sea. China shouldn't act as a dull bull!

Jane smartnic 25/7/15 21:21

The South China Sea also contains rich fishing grounds and is reported to hold significant reserves of undiscovered oil and gas, which have in part driven many of the territorial disputes that characterise the region.

yobro yobro 25/7/15 21:28

China is very greedy, they want to steal everything of their neighbors countries!

erica black 26/7/15 00:09

due to china's expansionist policies, almost countries don't believe it,even always vigilant in their relationships with China

Dennis White 26/7/15 00:19

China's ambition of occupying the whole East Sea is increasingly visible and has been condemed by the international community

Jack Walker 27/7/15 05:33

in the past time, Vietnam has carried out many wise and flexible measures to deal with China's aggressive actions in East Sea.

Williams Melanie 27/7/15 05:39

Vietnamese people over the world have demonstrated their arden patriotism through their protests against China

Davis Caroline 27/7/15 05:42

especially, Vietnam has received strong supports of the international community in East Sea issue

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