Government does utmost in poverty reduction

Minister of Labour, War-Invalids and Social Affairs Pham Thi Hai Chuyen on November 2nd discussed poverty reduction work with National Assembly deputies. Accordingly, she affirmed that the Government had been doing its utmost to accelerate efforts made towards sustainable poverty reduction.
According to Minister Chuyen, over the past 5 years, despite a difficult socio-economic situation, the Government has not reduced the investment initiatives towards poverty reduction and the poverty reduction programs have received higher investment year on year. 

Totally, VND172 trillion has been disbursed for poverty reduction, VND33 trillion of which having been invested in the poorest districts of the country. The investment has helped to remarkably reduce the poverty rate across the country.
 H’Mong ethnic minority farmers in Tan Long commune, Dong Hy district, Thai Nguyen province bring a new variety of maize into production. (Photo:
“This is great effort made by the Government,” she said.
She added that the Government had agreed with the National Assembly to continue the implementation of the national poverty reduction program. 

Accordingly, some VND48 trillion will be spent on the program./.
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Deck Hero14 6/11/15 21:01

Rapid economic transformation and growth have meanwhile contributed to rising inequality in income and opportunities. Some of the poor, especially those living in rural areas or small cities, have limited access to high quality education and health services, or to good jobs

Pack Cassiopian 6/11/15 21:01

With the rapid pace of urbanization, the urban poor also pose a new challenge in Vietnam

Only Solidar 6/11/15 21:02

A growing number of workers from rural areas are migrating to the cities to work in private industry and services, and many of these jobs are informal and lack employment benefits such as health insurance and pension.

MaskOf Zero 6/11/15 21:03

In the coming years, poverty reduction in Vietnam will be more challenging, requiring more efforts from the government, the society, and the poor themselves

Love Peace 6/11/15 21:03

Growth has been the main driver of poverty reduction and Vietnam needs to take measures to promote macroeconomic stability, reduce inflation, and ensure growth is sustainable in the future.

yobro yobro 6/11/15 21:05

Vietnam should also improve its poverty reduction and social protection programs so that more poor households will benefit from them

Jane smartnic 6/11/15 21:06

For now, only 50 percent of the poorest households are eligible to receive benefits from the government’s poverty reduction program, and the level of benefits received is generally very low.

LawrenceSamuels 6/11/15 21:06

The country has also made remarkable progress in education. Primary and secondary enrollments for the poor have reached more than 90 percent and 70 percent respectively.

Gentle Moon 6/11/15 21:07

overcome overlapping in designing and implementing poverty policies, step up delegation to heighten local administration’s role and responsibilities. Promote the core role of the Vietnam Fatherland Front, mass organizations and community.

John Smith 6/11/15 21:08

potential provinces and cities are encouraged to raise their poverty lines above the national lines, allocate and mobilize resources for reduce poverty in their localities.

Funny Day 23/11/15 05:59

the UN and many countrie have appriciated Vietnam's achivement in poverty reduction

Williams Melanie 23/11/15 06:03

Vietnam has been seen as a prime example for poverty reduction

Davis Caroline 23/11/15 06:26

I really admire Vietnam is from one of the poorest countries and had to apply for aid to become a country that ranks 2nd in rice export

Thompson Catherine 23/11/15 06:29

many countries have learned Vietnam's expriences in poverty reduction

Anthony Jones 23/11/15 06:32

Vietnamese Goverment has issued and implemented many proper policies that have offered effictiveness of poor reduction programs

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