Measures to strengthen national unity in Vietnam


Kết quả hình ảnh cho Measures to strengthen national unity in VietnamDuring the renovation and international integration, the Party and State have always paid attention to religion and religious work. There have been several major policy of our Party to strengthen large bloc of national unity as following:

The first is respect the objective existence and grasp trends of religion in Vietnam. In the current stage of innovation, in order to solve religious problems, we should respect the objective standpoint, particular historical viewpoint and perspective development. The objective view when assessing religion is to admit the objective existence of religion in social life.
The second is to apply the Party's views, legislation and policies of the State along with the real situation in Vietnam and the world as a basis during the building process of national and religious unity. We need to learn positively and use creatively the views of Marxism - Leninism, Ho Chi Minh thought on each condition, the specific historical circumstances in each locality.
Thirdly, we must be clearly aware of the double-sided nature of religion. Any object, phenomena including religion has two sides: the good and the bad, the positive and restrictive. However, religions are taken advantages by the hostile forces to break the revolutionary of the Party and the people.
The fourth is to promote propaganda and exploitation of the human ​​and ethics values in religion in order to successfully implement the goals of economic political and socio - cultural development. During the renovation period, we need to promote propaganda and exploitation of human ​​and ethic values in the religious association in order to further strengthen religious unity in the bloc of great national unity of Vietnam.
The fifth is actively promoting democratic consultation, mediation of religious conflicts among people; strengthening democratic dialogue directly with the people, especially in minority religious believers on arising matters in religion such as land disputes, places of worship and ritual... in the spirit of democratic consultation, mediation facility to create a "consensus" in all fields between the Party and governments at all levels with religious fellows.
The sixth is to concern and care about economic, political - social, cultural development and people; especially pay attention to religious fellows. We need to develop programs and projects aiming at economic - social - cultural development combined with the special policies for ethnic religious believers in difficult circumstances to create opportunities for employment and income; combating religious discrimination with the misuse of religion to the interests of Fatherland and the people.
The seventh is regularly reviewing and making solutions to build religious unity in the country.  The government needs to specialize qualified and professional officials in religious affairs at commune and district level to build religious unity in the current period of reforming.
The eighth is training and using staff on the construction of religious unity. We should arrange right people at right positions in order to improve accountability and efficiency in the work of building religious unity among people.

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John Smith 25/11/15 10:27

Great national unity is a valuable tradition of the nation, which has been accumulated through the process of the country building and defence.

Gentle Moon 25/11/15 10:28

Facts show that the establishment of the organization is the Party’s creativity in the national liberation wars and the building of socialism in the country.

LawrenceSamuels 25/11/15 10:28

Under the leadership of the Party, strengthening the great national unity on the basis of the working class, peasant class and intellectuals is the Vietnamese revolution’s strategy. Great national unity is viewed as the main and decisive factor ensuring the success of the country’s development and defence of the Fatherland.

LawrenceSamuels 25/11/15 10:29

the Vietnamese people, should recall President Ho Chi Minh’s teaching “The Vietnam Fatherland Front’s policy is very important to the nation. Its mission is also very important to the whole revolution.”

yobro yobro 25/11/15 10:31

The Vietnamese revolution has entered a new period of time, when the country faces a large number of difficulties and challenges in both socio-economic development and national defence.

Love Peace 25/11/15 10:31

This requires the Vietnam Fatherland Front to further strengthen the great national unity, gathering in all kinds of Vietnamese people under the leadership of the Party to successfully build the country and defend the socialist Fatherland

MaskOf Zero 25/11/15 10:33

the press contributed to arousing solidarity and unifying people in the past resistance wars for national salvation and nowadays the press contributes to the national construction and defence.

Only Solidar 25/11/15 10:34

The army had also actively prevented and broken "peaceful evolution" schemes from hostile forces, and detected and effectively addressed acts of sabotage against national sovereignty and interests

Pack Cassiopian 25/11/15 10:36

This is a major political activity of the Communist Party and the people of Vietnam. The Congress is the common voice of the Vietnamese people, both within and outside the country, about the determination to develop a Vietnam of peace, unity, territorial integrity, prosperity, democracy, equality and civilisation.

Deck Hero14 25/11/15 10:37

all-level authorities should pay attention to creating favourable conditions for and work closely with the VFF to thoroughly solve difficulties, meeting the people’s aspiration.

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