Paris shock and an unstable France

While France hasn’t got over of the nightmare of Charlie Hebdo attack in January yet, it and the whole world were shocked with continuous assaults in Paris night 13/11.
The shootings took places at the Bataclan theatre, the Le Petit Cambodge restaurant, the La Casa Nostra restaurant, some places near the Stade de France stadium where French President were watching the France-Germany soccer match and some other places.
Particularly, at the Bataclan, while 1.500 people were enjoying the performance of the Eagles of Death Metal band the terrorists began firing into the crowd and 100 were killed.
Why was France?
Since 1945 France and Europe have never been attacked by terrorists in this way. The assaults were large in scale, sophisticated in organization, cruel in implementation and killed a lot people.
However, if we link recent incidents and the world situation, the assaults seemed unexpectedly to be certain fact and happened faster than managed. The worse thing was the terrorists considered the assaults the victory and the impulse to carry out more dangerous attacks in the future.
Immediately, Islamic State claimed responsibility on this assaults for these following reasons:
First, the terrorist attacks that targeted the French capital Paris was an act of revenge and it cannot be separated from what happened in the Lebanese capital Beirut lately and from what has been happening in Syria for the past five years and in other areas. France's mistaken policies had contributed to the spread of terrorism, including these recent attacks in Paris. The assaults came as France, a founder member of the U.S.-led coalition waging air strikes against Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, was on high alert for terrorist attacks.
Second, the attack showed the anti-terrorist measures of France, EU after the Charlie Hebdo were ineffective and there are big holes in France’s national security and intelligence when they had no information about this attack. I also showed that the terrorists easily surpassed one of the most elite security and intelligence forces of Europe.
The consequences of the attack to France, Europe and the whole world would be serious.
Firstly, Europe must take a comprehensive review and reform in its domestic security system. The assaults in Paris were just warning signs. If the bombs were exploded in Paris, one of the safest fortress in the world, there is no reason the bomb continues to explode everywhere else, especially in the Europe.
Secondly, the attack had warned the difficult time for Muslim refugees from Syria and other countries of Middle East and North Africa. Europe has to tighten its immigration policy because the humanitarian reason cannot be accepted by European voters anymore.
Thirdly, the attack affected badly not only on the security aspect, but also did serious harm to the European economy, and could push the European economy, which is recovering slowly, into a new recession. Especially, November and December are months
Fourthly, the attack would force the European countries and related sides to reach the consensus on diplomatic activities and even military operations to end the Syria’s civil war, the racial and religious conflicts in the Middle East, the reason that caused the Paris attack and more damaged incidents in the future./.

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