Sovereignty is sacred

Since September 2014 China has been massively implemented activities of building, renovation and construction the objects, which have been illegally occupied by China, in Spratly islands.
People from many provinces and cities in Vietnam such as Bac Lieu, Can Tho, Da Nang, Ha Noi, Hai Phong, Phu Yen... have expressed their anger to the China’s violations in the East Sea, especially the building artificial islands in some spots of Vietnam’s Spratly and Paracel Islands, illegal fishing in Vietnam’s sea or attacking vessels of Vietnamese fisherman.
People has demanded to have feasible and stronger solutions to maintain the independence and territorial integrity of the country; to enlist the help of the international community and public opinion to deal with the China’s activities.
People want the Government to finalize the legal procedures to sue China international court; to be more careful in foreign policies, especially in the relation with China.
Vietnamese people also suggest the Government to minimize the compromise policies to ensure the territorial integrity, national security and sovereignty; also to update the East Sea situation timely and completely, to promote the propaganda of the sea sovereignty... therefore we could raise the people’s awareness and the spirit of solidarity and determination to safeguard the sea sovereignty of the country.
In the relation with China, Vietnam affirms the stance and views regularly via a lot of dialogue channels, even at high-ranking levels and forums on border, territory between two countries, via diplomatic notes as well as direct exchange with the China Embassy in Hanoi.
Since the begin of 2015, the Vietnamese Foreign Ministry has contacted and exchanged 22 times with China’s Embassy, in which there were 7 contacts and 9 diplomatic notes to protest the China’s activities in the East Sea.
Vietnam has also been active to inform the other country and international forums about the East Sea situation, to explain the rightness of Vietnam and the international law’s violations of China to enlist the support of international community. A lot of leaders of foreign country have shared the concern of Vietnam, supported Vietnam in the East Sea issue, called upon sides to restrain, not to widen or increase the tension.
Recently, for the first time, the East Sea issue has been mentioned in the joint statement of the 48th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting. ASEAN has clearly understood the threats and seriousness of the issue and reached higher consensus among members of the group.
China is a big country, an important neighbor of Vietnam. Vietnam respects the stable maintenance and sustainable development of the friendship and comprehensive cooperation with China on the basis of equality, mutual respect for independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity.
Since the normalization, in general, the relation between Vietnam and China has developed stably on many areas and brought benefits for two countries and people of each country. Two countries have solved two on three big problems on border delimitation including borders on land and in the Tonkin Gulf. There is only one big problem on the East Sea.
This is very important, relates to sacred sovereignty of the country. This also relates to politics, security, defense of Vietnam and relations between Vietnam and other countries in the region and powerful countries. If this problem is not solved properly, it would affect badly to peace, stability and development of our country, the region and even the world.
To solve the China’s violations, Vietnam is always persistent to peaceful means in the lines with the international law to maintain the relation with China and ensure the sovereignty of the country in the East Sea.
Therefore, we will develop the multifaceted relation with China and on the other hand we firmly determined to defend the sovereignty, territorial integrity and national security. /.

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Thompson Catherine 25/11/15 05:48

Vietnam people have a tradition of patriotism, which brought them glorius victories over powerful countries like the US, France in the Vietnamese wars

Williams Melanie 25/11/15 05:57

last year, when the 981 drilling rig went into the waters of Vietnam, the Vietnames in side and outside the country protested China illegal activities that violated Vietnam's sacre sovereignty and contrary to international law

Anthony Jones 25/11/15 06:02

Although Vietnam is a small country while China is a powerful one, Vietnam has determined to against China's illigal claims and activities in the East Sea to the end for the defense of it's sovereingty

Funny Day 25/11/15 06:07

almost countries over the world have realized China's intention of monopolizing the East Sea

Davis Caroline 25/11/15 06:13

China is very greedy and doesn't deserve a major country that should express it's responsibility and obey the international law

Elizabeth Green 25/11/15 06:18

the international community has rejected China's illigal "cow tongue" that takes over 80 percent acreage of the East Sea

Jack Walker 25/11/15 06:21

China has been strongly criticized at all regional and international forums. what a shame!

Dennis White 25/11/15 06:27

in the ASEAN summits in Malaysia, all ASEAN member countries as well as ASEAN's partners expressed their concern about the situation of the East Sea and require China stop it's building and militarize activities in this water

erica black 25/11/15 06:30

countries have increasingly worried about the East Sea dispute that threats to the peace and stablility in the region as well as in the world

Evans David 25/11/15 06:33

so right, that will affect interests of all countries in the world not only related countries

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