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 Practicing democracy in a self-conscious and purposeful manner
 The Party is holding a national-scale political drive to collect opinions and ideas of Party members and people on the Draft Documents of the 12th National Party Congress. This is universally viewed as a positive move of the Party with the aim of promoting democracy inside the Party as well as across society. Echoing the Party’s call, Vietnamese people from all walks of life participate in the drive, giving constructive opinions on the Party’s performance over the last five years and offering good ideas for its future direction. Nevertheless, some reactionaries, who label themselves as “patriots” and “representatives of the people’s voice,” use it as a good chance to slander and speak ill of the Party.
The good approach suitable for people’s hearts
12th Meeting of the 11th Party Central Committee
The Communist Party of Vietnam is the loyal representative of the Vietnamese working class and the whole nation in general. Since the 6th National Party Congress, the Party has  held a public opinion poll before an official national Party congress to mobilize all Party members and people across the country to contribute their opinions and ideas to draft documents for the congress. This approach has indeed been universally supported. Via the public opinion poll, the Party better understands people’s desire and demands for the leadership of the Party, and people better comprehend the Party’s direction to lead the nation for the next five years. This also aims to strengthen the relationship between the Party and people, and helps unite will and efforts for national development.
During the public opinion poll, the Party receives various opinions and ideas. Some opinions agree with the draft documents, others give constructive feedback on the Party’s performance in the last five years, or/and offer good ideas to perfect the directions for national development and defence in the next five years. In general, the Party applauds any constructive opinions and ideas from Party members and people. Following constructive opinions and criticisms of the Party’s leadership, the Party strictly reviews and corrects its mistakes, and it also absorbs good ideas and carefully considers them in discussions before adding them to the draft documents.
In the buildup to the 12th National Party Congress, since September 2015 the Party Central Committee of the 11th term has launched a public opinion poll to perfect the Draft Political Report and the strategy for socio-economic development. Over the past months, the Party  has received a large number of opinions and ideas from Party members and people, which have reflected the great concern of the Vietnamese people about the 12th National Party Congress. However, reactionaries have made use of the democratic drive to distort the Party’s policy.
They have posted articles and open letters on social websites, requesting the Party to discuss its role, performance and leadership in an “open, democratic and transparent” manner. At first glance, their opinions seem constructive but alongside the opinions, they slander the Party, distort its policy and speak ill of the democratic process of the Party’s conducting such a poll. There are also some people who do not really understand the nature and concept of socialist democracy; as a result, they more or less advocate reactionaries’ views.
In fact, democracy inside the Party and society is clearly defined in the political creed and principles of the Communist Party of Vietnam. Vietnam’s democracy, which is under the leadership of the Party, reflects the power, position and interests of the Party, working class and working people. Vietnam’s democracy contains two united concepts: democracy practice inside the Party organizations and democracy practice in society. It bears the nature of the working class, so democracy in Vietnam is self-conscious and purposeful. The democratic right and obligation of citizens are closely linked. Practicing democracy in Vietnam is bound by the principles, ensured by laws and conducted by competent agencies.
Therefore, the public opinion poll on the Draft Documents of the 12th National Party Congress must be viewed as a democratic drive launched by the Party with the aim of reaching a consensus among Party members and people, consolidating people’s trust in the Party’s leadership and defeating hostile forces’ plots and efforts to separate people from the Party.
Democracy right and obligation
As mentioned above, democratic rights and duty are interwoven in Vietnam. That is to say, citizens have both the right and duty to practice democracy. The right of democracy in Vietnam can mean the right of the working class and working people under the leadership of the Party and management of the State. It reflects the responsibility of the political system for implementing democracy in society as well as the domain of the right to practice democracy of citizens. Vietnam follows a model of democracy in which practicing democracy is seen as self-conscious and purposeful in order to create harmony between political power and social power, as well as to turn political power into social power.
Like other countries, Vietnam, a sovereign state, is ruled by a political system under the leadership of a political party (the Communist Party of Vietnam in this case). All policies, which are crafted by the Party, reflect the will, desire and interests of the working class and working people. The Party’s policies also create favourable conditions for and ensure the practice of the fundamental rights of all people. As a result, political power and social power are harmonized in Vietnam.
Unlike other political parties, the Communist Party of Vietnam is a faithful representative of the Vietnamese working class and working people. The Party strives for the interests of the working class and working people. The holding of the public opinion poll ensures the involvement of the  people in crafting national development directions for the next five years; in other words, the Party has created favourable conditions for people to practice democracy in an self-conscious and purposeful manner.
Vietnamese people practice democracy self-consciously as they have already awakened and comprehended their political and social positions, historical mission, revolutionary goals and ideal, political and civil rights and obligations. On the other hand, practicing democracy is purposeful. That is to say, all democratic practices aim to unite people’s thinking and activities in order to successfully fulfill the Party’s goals and ideals, while benefiting working people. In short, while self-conscious democracy practice requires the understanding and awareness of citizens’ rights and duties, purposeful democracy practice defines that any democratic activity should serve a certain political or/and social goal or aims to deal with a question.
The public opinion poll is a national-scale drive of democratic practice, which meets both requirements of democracy practice. All arguments from hostile forces and reactionaries are weak and unconvincing. Moreover, Vietnamese people are now alert to the western-style democracy, they understand their rights and obligations in practicing democracy. Finally, more and more people now recognise hostile forces’ and reactionaries’ tricks and plots
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John Smith 13/11/15 21:27

Talking about knowledge means talking about the self-organization of society and social systems.

Gentle Moon 13/11/15 21:28

Knowledge is a threefold process of cognition, communication, and co-operation. How can knowledge be managed in a self-organizing system? Lets look at Vietnam's way

LawrenceSamuels 13/11/15 21:29

human intervention into self-organizing social systems isn’t possible and desirable because their can be no central control of their knowledge.

yobro yobro 13/11/15 21:31

The active human being is the component or element of a social system.

Jane smartnic 13/11/15 21:32

This is a process of bottom-up emergence that is called agency. Emergence in this context means the appearance of at least one new systemic quality that cannot be reduced to the elements of the system. So this quality is irreducible and it is also to a certain extent unpredictable

Love Peace 13/11/15 21:33

This enables the system to change, maintain, adapt and reproduce itself.

MaskOf Zero 13/11/15 21:34

In the case of a social system, we speak of knowledge as the social manifestation of information and the units of organized matter are active human

Only Solidar 13/11/15 21:35

Knowledge is neither purely a subjective cognitive attribute nor purely an objective entity, it is a process and relationship between active human agents that participate in a self-organizing social system and co-ordinate their subjective knowledge in such a way that objective knowledge emerges.

Pack Cassiopian 13/11/15 21:36

Social anagement is a fundamental human process in the sense that human beings permanently have to co-ordinate their cognition, communication, and co-operation in social relationships.

Deck Hero14 13/11/15 21:37

These activities can only be achieved in social co-ordination processes of active, creative human subjects.

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