Where is our peace

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Terror strikes rushed into France on Friday May 13 with a simultaneous series of continuous shooting terrors and suicide bombings in many parts of central Paris. 160 people were killed, hundreds of others are critical, our world was shaken again.
French's largest daily newspaper, L'Equipe’s front page yesterday was covered in black, with white text to "L'Horreur" (The Terror).
It was horrified and disgusted when terrorists aimed at the national stadium, theaters, restaurants... Ten months ago in Paris, daylight terrorists fire into the newsroom of weekly Charlie Hebdo satirical, killing 12 people, 11 others were injured, including several journalists and artists.
The Russian civil aircraft carrying 224 passengers exploded in the sky a half months ago also showed some signs of suspicion toward causes of terrorist bombs.
The massacres are repeatedly caused by terrorism with growing degree both in the sky and on the ground. It was not until yesterday, when sharing the pain with France, US President Barack Obama said it was "an attack on all humanity". Throughout the years, terrorism has declared war on mankind. Those crazy in the dark with the plot sand the "dark ideal" which is vengeful to mankind.
The French held their heads up to sing the national anthem when leaving the stadium has been bombed. Paris taxi driver carried freely those still trapped in the streets back home. Many tourists stayed open overnight. Since yesterday, the social networking sites in the world were flooded the French tricolor flag on the avatar ...
Before the disaster, mankind proved the spirit of increasingly link, calm and confidence. But actually as a man, nobody can be seasoned before death. The fragility of the flesh and human life can be compared with bombs, steel, nuclear... Importantly, the national authorities which are entrusted trust by people must try to remove the detonator of all disagreements, seek peaceful solutions to prevent the next disaster chain to protect humanity.
On November 14, multilateral convention on the settlement of the conflicts in Syria took place in Vienna (Austria) with the participation of 20 countries’ diplomatic leaders, representatives of the European Union (EU), the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and the League of Arab States. We should be able to see "the gift" of terrible terrorist forces to entrust IS conference just before the opening was not entirely random.
With humanity in every nation, every race, religion, skin color, we all desire nothing more is the peace. We rarely see any legitimate desire that is difficult to achieve...
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Jack Walker 18/11/15 06:04

Terror strikes in Paris killing 160 people and wounding hundreds of others is an awful tragedy

erica black 18/11/15 06:11

the whole world were shocked at terror attacts in Paris and Russian civil aircraft carrying 224 passengers exploded in the sky carried out by the IS

Dennis White 18/11/15 06:14

the peace and stability all countries over the world is being threatened by terrorists

Evans David 18/11/15 06:17

terrorists must be severely punished and the whole world should unite in the fight against terrorism

Williams Melanie 19/11/15 06:28

the president of Russia and France have vowed to destroy IS after terrorsit strikes

Davis Caroline 19/11/15 06:34

I think the US, Russia and the West should joint together to seek effective ways against the IS and closely cooperate in this fight

Anthony Jones 19/11/15 06:36

the IS has become more strong and more dangerous, which is the most serious threat now

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