Russia cannot be isolated

There is a fact that Russia has an important role in the international arena on every aspect that not every country has. Surrounding a big and powerful Russia is impossible!
This is assessment of the analyst, Mark Adomanis, from Forbes magazine. In Adomanis’s opinion, Russia which owns most of the Earth’s square has a big global influence. On November 16th, the American newspaper, Wall Street Journal, also admitted that “The Russian president is holding the central position at the G-20 Summit”. The Economist, which always doubts Russia’s role, has to admit the possibility that the West will be close to Russia in the fight against terrorism.
“Facing the common threat, which comes from the Muslim terrorism, Russia and the West may become closer, even stand shoulder by shoulder”, the Economist wrote.
In addition, the Western media also agreed that Russia is now in a different position from the time before the happening of series of assaults in Europe. After the Ukraine’s crisis, Russia had not only been isolated by the US and Central Europe (Poland and Baltic countries) but also by European partners such as Germany, Italia and France. Meanwhile, Russia was virtually isolated and did not receive any significant support from the international community.
But in a short time after that, the Western countries had to coordinate with Russia to solve many problems, which were bothering the West. In fact, the Western media also admitted that “Russia has never really bee"n isolated yet.”
“In the economic and demographic aspects, Russia is a big country which owns a large part of the Earth’s square. It is the largest energy exporter, the second biggest weapon exporter in the world and also the profitable market of the European companies. Every country whether likes or not, has to admit the role of Russia, which is not much country has”, Adomanis said.
The West has to accept this fact because at this time it needs close coordination of the Russia to carry out the fight against the terrorism even though the fight is not based on a firm foundation. An alliance may be formed between Russia and the West in one or two years to destroy the IS. And after the fall of the IS, the relation between Russia-the West can run backward to bad status as before.
And then the Western countries may try to isolate Russia, but the process of isolation could not be done because the relation between Russia and the West is not enough to recognize the international role of Russia.”
“Whether you like Russia or not, it’s clearly undeniable that Russia is holding an important role in global economy and diplomacy. The isolation of a big and powerful county as Russia is impossible” Adomanis concluded./.

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John Smith 27/11/15 15:38

The renewed US fossil fuel industry is a leitmotif of recent years in an attempt to boost the stagnant American economy. America needs to find export markets for its projected natural gas production. Currently, Russia supplies some 30-40 per cent of Europe's fuel consumption. The US wants this lucrative chunk of the global energy market.

Gentle Moon 27/11/15 15:39

To get this, US must coerce its EU allies with terror talk about the Russian are coming to get them. If we don't stop them in Ukraine, they'll soon be at the gates of Minneapolis (if it had gates).

LawrenceSamuels 27/11/15 15:40

IN 2008 Russia and china had the opportunity to destroy IMF and world bank and the american -british system of looting the world ;but foolishly these two countries ,on prompting from parasite england, recommended IMF and world bank to lead new economic system! How stupid of these countries and that is why they never go up in world because of their stupidity.

Jane smartnic 27/11/15 15:41

US/NATO/Israel/Anglo-Saxons can never be friends to Russia and China. Their only Motive is how to destoy Russia and China by all means which they have done to Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, Yoguslavia, Syria , Lebanon and many countries of world.

yobro yobro 27/11/15 15:42

Russia now needs China more than ever as strategic partner, trades, technological cooperation, manpower, finances and together as SCO to develop Central Asia.

Love Peace 27/11/15 15:43

Great article. Also suggested, please look at Rosneft, with several major jv agreements with Exxon Mobil, a new 20% shareholder, BP, and a major 20 year contract with China's CNPC that could make the company China's chief oil supplier.

MaskOf Zero 27/11/15 15:44

Russia is an old civilization they have outlasted and outfought plenty of foes. The fools that believe they can stand up to Putin the Great are fools, the man practices judo.

Pack Cassiopian 27/11/15 15:46

sanctions do not help. look at cuba or iran.the view in europe is expressed by ther former german chancellor Helmut Schmidt in the journal "Die Zeit" as dump thing.

Only Solidar 27/11/15 15:47

Intellectually written and i'm impressed by the unbiased dialog of this author

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