Russia’s October Revolution: the timeless values

                                                  Lenin the leader of the October Revolution

November 7, 1917, the Great Socialist Revolution in Russia. Medieval and feudal values were swept aside and people's power was internationalized, creating public services of excellence, making available public resources as universal property, implementing regimes of social mobility and externalizing the Revolution to the four corners of the Earth.
November 7, in the Gregorian Calendar, marks the date of the October 25 Revolution in the Julian Calendar, the Great October Socialist Revolution, which brought medieval societies into the front line of development within one generation, which created a worldwide revolution enshrining workers' rights, women's rights and human rights into Constitutional law around the world.
The Russian Revolution was an exercise in power to the people, implementing democracy, freeing serfs, creating the proletariat, freeing women and giving them the vote, taking children out of the mines, creating Trade Unions which defended workers' rights against the hegemonistic tendencies of societies controlled by Capitalists.
It was an exercise in massive programs of literacy, freeing people constrained by the imposed yoke of ignorance, being unable to read or write or communicate, it was an exercise in the creating of public services - universal healthcare, universal education, the right to a house, the right to a job, the right to social mobility, where excellence and endeavor were rewarded over family connections or the power to bribe.
It was an exercise in a universal movement of goodwill, brotherly and sisterly relations being favored over differences in race, in creed, in ethnicity, in color; it was an exercise in the implementation of social leaning programs worldwide. Whole societies and countries were freed from the yoke of imperialism, colonies were disbanded, people were educated, people were empowered, women were given universal rights, universally.
Nowadays, in Russia and Eastern Europe countries, on November 7th, there are a lot of activities to commemorate the 98 years of the great Russia’s October Revolution.
In Russia, there was about 5000 people participated in a march in Moskva capital. The participants waved the flags of the Russia Communist party, the portraits of Lenin, the sympols and banners of the former Soviet Union and marching along the streets. They sang songs and shouted slogans praising the October Revolution, the Communist Party and the Youth Union.
In Russia, the November 7th is also the day to honor the soldiers. The marches are operated in capital and many cities of the Russia to commemorate the historic parade in 1945 when a lot of the Red Army units had been directly sent to the front of the World War II, defeated the fascism.
At the Red Square, the centre of Moskva, the march took place with the participation of 45 groups representing units and offices of the Defense Ministry and President Regiment in uniforms of 1941. Especially, marching with 5.500 people, there were 21 veterans who were in the parade of 1941.
The celebrations also took place in many cities of Russia with the careful preparation within a month before the rehearsal in the Red Square.
Meanwhile, in Belarus, the anniversary of the October Revolution is recognized as the national holiday. Representatives of the leftist movement and social organizations held the anniversary solemnly and laid flowers at the Lenin monument.
Speaking at the anniversary, Belarus’s President, Alexander Lukashenko said: “the values of the October Revolution, that inspired the generations to overcome the hardship to get the victory, is still valid to this day./.”
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Only Solidar 8/11/15 20:34

The October Revolution was probably the determining event of the twentieth century in Europe, and indeed in much of the world.

yobro yobro 8/11/15 20:37

The Revolution also protected the world from the threat of the fascism

MaskOf Zero 8/11/15 20:38

Fascism and Nazism, vehemently nationalist and anti-Communist, became widely popular largely at that time in Europe.

Jane smartnic 8/11/15 20:40

the famous slogan of: "All power to the Soviets"

Pack Cassiopian 8/11/15 20:42

the Revolution's values are eternal

LawrenceSamuels 8/11/15 20:44

The Revolution freed millions of people from the yoke of imperialist tyranny, it provided an example, a model and a path to follow.

Love Peace 8/11/15 20:44

It also provided a beacon of light for the future

Gentle Moon 8/11/15 20:48

The Great October Revolution brought previously unknown benefits to countless millions of people, despite having been forced to defend itself right from the beginning

Deck Hero14 8/11/15 20:49

Time flies, but the values exist with the development of the human society

John Smith 8/11/15 20:50

we can see that the world has changed little, and that the values of the Great October Revolution continue to strike a chord with those of the vast majority of humankind, being core values in the hearts and minds of Humanity.

Dennis White 11/11/15 06:04

we really admire and are grateful to the Soviet Red Amy who brought a better world to us

erica black 11/11/15 06:08

nowadays, the power and international position of Russia has been increasingly raised

Evans David 11/11/15 06:11

it cann't denied that the value of Russia's October Revolution still remains at present and in the future

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