With new tricks, hostile forces could not bluff people

Hostile forces have conducted information campaigns directly attacking our concept of “peaceful evolution” in recent years. In doing so, they have added maliciousness to their “peaceful evolution” strategy to sabotage the Vietnamese revolution.
Hostile forces argue that our concept of “peaceful evolution” is an “irrelevant political view” that “goes against science and holds back development.” According to them, the concepts or viewpoints of “peaceful evolution,” “self-evolution” and “self-degradation” are “deliberately made up” by our Party and State to threaten people and hide their shortcomings.
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At present, when the whole Party, State and people are trying to step up Doi Moi (renewal), the country’s industrialization and modernization, and especially preparing for the 12th National Party Congress, hostile forces are hectically using various new tricks to intensify their information campaigns against the Party and State. They have posted a large number of articles on websites and social networks, arguing that the combat against the “peaceful evolution” is “unnecessary and obsolete” and something “like a fish out of water,” and that people who are “really patriotic and nationalist” should “encourage and foster the process of peaceful evolution.” According to them, “peaceful evolution” is only a “peaceful change” which may avoid a widespread and intensive socio-economic break-up. They conclude that this is a “common value and correct choice of human beings.”
It is not tough to realize that their arguments are weak and irrational. As mentioned above, hostile forces criticize the Party and State for “making up” the concept of “peaceful evolution” to “intimidate” people and hide shortcomings; but they then acknowledge their plots and operations as “peaceful evolution” when they call on people to support and participate in their own “peaceful evolution” strategy. This demonstrates that they are not consistent in their arguments, and that they are, indeed, not very smart nor learned political opportunists.
It must be noted that the concept of “peaceful evolution” is not an “invention” of Vietnamese communists but a strategy – a sophisticated and poisonous product of domestic and foreign hostile forces and reactionaries – to eliminate socialism. “Peaceful evolution” has long been a real threat to political security, socio-economic stability, social ethics, cultural values and other institutional structures of the country. Another fact is that they apply more and more sophisticated and malicious tactics to accelerate the strategy. That hostile forces call for not fighting their “peaceful evolution” strategy is an additional trick to sabotage the Vietnamese revolution.
Therefore, we should always be alert to hostile forces’ plots and activities. We should understand that hostile forces have never abandoned their “peaceful evolution” strategy; rather they often change their means and ways in an attempt to achieve better results.
In fact, they are ready to utilize every method even though they are inhumane ones. Hostile forces closely cooperate with each other in distorting national history, negating the revolutionary achievements of the Vietnamese and the sacrifices of revolutionary soldiers and people in the wars for national independence. They even keep criticizing Doi Moi (renewal), which has evidently brought numerous achievements and benefits to every Vietnamese person and the nation as a whole over the past 30 years.
Based on their distorted, fake and false information, they request the Party and State to change policies, laws and the political system. What is more, they call for amendments to the Constitution, ask for Western-style democracy and values, and propose to eradicate some articles in the Penal Code concerning punishments for violation of national security. What is behind their appeals and proposals is to promote the “self-evolution” and “self-transformation” process in Vietnam and lead the country to some sort of “colour revolution” or “jasmine revolution.”  
With this approach, hostile forces appear to be craftier. They label themselves nationalists and patriots, arguing that they act for the people and country, joining the common effort of the Party, State and people to strive for an independent, powerful, developed and prosperous Vietnam.
In this circumstance, our mission to combat hostile forces’ “peaceful evolution” strategy becomes more necessary and difficult. We should intensify the struggle and improve its efficiency.
Competent agencies and officials should enhance public education and information to raise people’s awareness of hostile forces’ malicious plots and sophisticated tricks. Everyone should well understand that the struggle against “peaceful evolution” is such a comprehensive and time- and effort- consuming one that people should never lack vigilance. The Vietnamese revolution is now facing a number of challenges and risks and we, at the time, have to deal with various hostile forces.
People should also believe in the leadership of the Party. Over the past 85 years since its foundation, the Party has led the nation to gain national independence, freedom and peace in the past wars, obtain great socio-economic achievements in the 30 years of Doi Moi, and carry out industrialization and modernization at present.
It can be said that the Party is now undertaking three major missions at the same time. First, it leads the nation to grow the socio-economy and firmly defend the Fatherland. The second mission is to build a strong organization of the Party. Accordingly, it is improving the quality, virtue and ability for its members on one hand, and excluding  downgraded members from the Party organization on the other hand. Finally, it leads all people to combat hostile forces’ plots and activities to ensure political security, social stability and economic development for the whole nation.
Under the sound leadership of the Party, we, the Vietnamese people, believe that all attempts of hostile forces that aim to damage the great national unity undermine the leading role of the Party, deny the national history and Vietnam’s revolutionary achievements, will fail.
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John Smith 4/11/15 20:58

The process of our Army’s building, fighting, and maturing within the last 70 years has proved the importance of the ideological work.

Gentle Moon 4/11/15 21:00

In the upcoming time, the global and regional situation will still be complex and unpredictable; it is the trend of internationalization and integration, the revolution of information technology, that impose higher requirements for the ideological work, particularly the task of orientating troops’ awareness and ideology against sources of complex and argumentative information accompanied by the hostile forces’ sabotage and incitement.

LawrenceSamuels 4/11/15 21:00

They always make use of the Party, nation, and Army’s major events, especially at the present time when the party branches at levels are conducting their congress in preparation for the 12th National Congress

Jane smartnic 4/11/15 21:01

Apart from the tricks of “democracy”, “human rights”, “ethnicity”, “religion”, the hostile forces take advantages of the degradation and deterioration in a number of cadres and party members’ to incite people, distort Party and State’s policies, break the internal unity, undermine the people and the armed forces’ faith in Party and the socialist regime.

yobro yobro 4/11/15 21:03

The intrusion of materialistic way of life, negative aspects of market economy are having considerable impacts on the troops’ awareness, ideology, way of life, and personality. These elements also have direct impacts on the quality and the effectiveness of ideological work in units.

Love Peace 4/11/15 21:03

improving the implementation of ideological work at the present time is a necessary task, and it should be conducted frequently and continuously with appropriate contents and measures

MaskOf Zero 4/11/15 21:04

here should be a focus on studying and clarifying the issues for ideological work in global and regional complex situation; also the advantages, difficulties and challenges in the cause of building the Army, safeguarding the Fatherland, and conducting military defence tasks.

Only Solidar 4/11/15 21:05

we have to enhance the quality of political education and ideological orientation in all units.

Pack Cassiopian 4/11/15 21:06

It should improve the implementation of ideological work in managing soldiers, well forecasting, analyzing, assessing, and resolving problems relating to soldiers’ ideology right in the grassroots units.

Deck Hero14 4/11/15 21:06

to proactively counter “peaceful evolution” in the field of ideology-culture, actively preventing and countering “self-transformation” and “self-evolution”.

Evans David 9/11/15 06:14

some information that was given by those who act against the Party and State of Vietnam is true in reality, but is blown up

Funny Day 9/11/15 06:18

Vietnamese State should remove all conditions that hostile forces can take advantage to against it

Williams Melanie 9/11/15 06:22

in any countries all over the world there are weaknesses and limitations, not only in Vietnam, so shouldn't look at them to criticize

erica black 9/11/15 06:25

bad things are criticized, so what about good things? why didn't mention them?

Dennis White 9/11/15 06:27

you don't understand that their aim is to against the Party and State

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