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Interest group has been mentioned in many sectors and considered as origin of wastage and losses today.

Reflecting the severity of losses and wastage, the Congress members has shown series of projects, typically as the Steel factory of nearly ten trillion capital which is liable to the scrap heap now, and thousand billion project of hostels for student but only serve a small number of them...
The danger of losses and wastage is not only in a few specific projects. What people and Congress members need to know is specific figure from losses and wastage in the economy and wasted figure annually in comparison with GDP? People need a specific figure because in economics, figures often speak all for themselves.
Planning and Investment Minister Bui Quang Vinh has ever made many startling figures at the forum of Congress. But talking about losses and wastage, he only dared to assert that “it is very serious”. But how serious it is, how much the specifical losses, waste, it is difficult to statistics, he said.
Why can international organizations total up the damage from environmental pollution every year? Why can they calculate thousands of Vietnamese people die from diseases originating from water source? Why can they calculate over four thousand people die due to diseases of the coal every year?
Obviously there are ways to work out but the losses and wastage is not an exception. The only thing is that people want to do it or not? After calculating whether they dare to publish it or not? After announcing, whether they dare to punish or not?
 Everyone knows that losses and wastage slows down development process, even legs the country behind. Wastage is too much, losses are too terrible but responsibility belongs nobody? This ministry blames the other.
They concoct many items with excessive cost for a project to share benefit with other. After all, the origins of the wastage and losses are from individual and interest group.

Answering questions from congress members, Minister Bui Quang Vinh said that the country wants to develop, losses and wastage must be prevented, but much harder to do. Then do it, let's root out the origins of the losses and wastage. It is the elimination of  “interest group”, bringing out responsibility of individual who decided to invest and caused losses.
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Elizabeth Green 30/11/15 00:14

many corruption cases came from interest groups that also cause wastage and losses

Jack Walker 30/11/15 00:20

there are various projects approved for the benefit of the participants and not for the necessity of such projects.

Dennis White 30/11/15 00:23

to combat wastage and losses, the State should blame and strictly punish people who approve those projects

erica black 30/11/15 00:27

losses and wastage slows down development process, even legs the country behind.

Evans David 30/11/15 00:32

Wastage is too much, losses are too terrible but why can't clarify whom the responsibility belonging to?

Funny Day 30/11/15 00:37

for the benefits, many people undercut their conscience, responsibility and honor

Williams Melanie 30/11/15 00:40

we can find corruptions in almost projects that have been approved so far

Davis Caroline 30/11/15 00:44

aware of the danger of interest groups to the country's development, the State and Party have determined to eliminate them

Anthony Jones 30/11/15 00:46

It is so right, should eliminate interest group, bring out responsibility of individuals who decided to invest and caused losses.

Thompson Catherine 30/11/15 00:49

the country wants to develop, should promptly stop losses and wastage stemming from interest groups

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