UN Security Council approved a resolution on the issue of chemical weapons in Syria


The Security Council of the United Nations unanimously passed a resolution on the establishment of a mechanism of investigation to prosecute those who were behind the attacks by poisonous gas in Syria.
The resolution has received the consensus of all 15 member countries of the Security Council, including Russia - Syria's ally and the country has a veto in the Security Council. The US drafted the resolution and proposed  establishing a committee for a period of one year which is responsible for identifying “individuals, entities, groups or governments related to the use of chemical weapons including chlorine (chlorine) and other toxic chemicals” in Syria. The resolution also paved the way for sanctions aiming at these subjects. Under the plan, the commission will submit a report to the Security Council in the first 90 days in operation.
Resolution of the UN Security Council called on the Syrian Government and all parties in the country to cooperate fully with the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and the UN, which offers a comprehensive approach for all locations , with all the personal and materials in Syria for the investigators. The resolution also called on the countries cooperating comprehensively and providing necessary information for the investigation.
After the UN Security Council adopted the resolution, UN Secretary General issued a welcomed statement and considered that bringing the perpetrators of attacks with toxic chemicals to light may help to relieve the pain that people Syria endured. The above resolution of the UN Security Council was adopted in the context when the United States, Britain and France governments consecutively accused President Bashar of using chemical weapons in the civil war in this country. Up to 2015, the Syrian Government has not yet put chlorine gas, a hazardous chemical, to the list of chemical weapons to be destroyed by agreement with the international community last year because it was widely used for commercial purpose and domestic.

The Syrian government and opposition forces accused each other on the use of toxic chemicals such as chlorine in the Civil War lasted four years causing more than 200,000 deaths. 
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