10 shameful truths of the modern society


We are living in the digital age, and we cannot come back to the previous society.
One of things that has affected the society both in negative and positive way is the social media.
The social media was designed to allow people share the interesting things in their life with friends, but nowadays things are not simple in this way.
The social media is now the channel to transfer the information globally. We often know happening things or events by Twitter or Facebook before knowing them by the official channels.

We also start to depend on technological devices in all of our works. Nowadays it seems that everyone cannot go anywhere or do anything without their smartphone, tablet, laptop...
They need to have a permanent contact with others through electronic devices.
However, depending too much on connection through the social media and electronic devices has its own negative side.
We could be depended too much or indifferent to what we are doing in our life.
The digital age could bring harmful effects to the life and human society.
Here are 10 pictures showing negative changes of our society.
Facebook is gobbling up your time

We become “the Like addicted”

The electronic equipments are more important than life

Devices are destroying the intimacy
The families no longer spend time gather together
We would rather shoot video than to help the others
Society is wasting the time
Even having the technology, we still want things belonging to others
Shocking headlines to attract views 
Finally, we are still ravage the Earth
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Love Peace 27/2/16 23:26

Every day you spent how much of time on Facebook or other social networking sites?

Only Solidar 27/2/16 23:28

For a lot of people, the 'Likes' on Facebook is a kind of substance that they need to pump into their bloodstream.

Pack Cassiopian 27/2/16 23:30

On the Facebook or other social media there are a lot of distorted information, we should be careful!

MaskOf Zero 27/2/16 23:32

We are depending too much on the social networks

Deck Hero14 27/2/16 23:33

Come back to the real life as soon as possible!

John Smith 27/2/16 23:34

Time is money. When we spend time on social media, we are losing the most precious thing we have: the time.

yobro yobro 27/2/16 23:36

Despite many advances in technology, people still ravage the Earth to the gunpoint.

Gentle Moon 27/2/16 23:38

The human society need to change in the positive way, not by killing the Mother Nature.

Jane smartnic 27/2/16 23:40

Facebook, Twitter... are also used to serve for the political purposes, especially in the Western countries.

LawrenceSamuels 27/2/16 23:45

We should use social networks in properer and smarter ways, knowing which information is true or not.

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