Vietnam as a model for protecting national interests


On the occasion of the 12th Congress of National Communist Party of Vietnam, Professor on Vietnam study Vladimir Kolotov, Director of Ho Chi Minh Institute of the National University of St. Petersburg said that the 12th Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam taking  place in the context of the complicated world. Political Report in the 12th Congress gave a comprehensive assessment about the situation of the country and the world, and proposed a program of action to protect national interests.
According to Professor Kolotov, since the establishment of the Communist Party of Vietnam in 1930, it has been unswerving the path of protecting national interests. That is the right and unique path of the Party.
Professor Kolotov also highlighted the achievements after 30 years since the implementation of reform and opening up program called "Doi moi", Vietnam has won many impressive achievements in the economic field. Vietnam has joined ASEAN, made normalization of relations with China and the US... Nowadays, both China and the US are the leading trade partners of Vietnam. This shows that economic relations have a certain balance and Vietnam does not dependent on a certain country or area. This is a balancing policy to protect the national interests of Vietnam. And that is also the right policy for other countries.
According to Professor Kolotov, to protect the fruits of revolution and economic reform, Vietnam needs to have good friends and partners. Russia is a friend and reliable partner of Vietnam and we always hope the relationship between the two countries will be growing even stronger in every field.

Professor Kolotov congratulated the 12th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam with the policies and decisions aimed at further strengthening economic power, empowerment and prestige of Vietnam in international arena, firmly safeguard national and ethnic interests.
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