“Let’s make Vietnam to be the worth-to-live land”


“Vietnam is not really reach but the ultimate goal is to make it become the worth-to-live land in 2035”.
This is the message of the Vice Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam in the Vietnam 2035 Report: Towards Prosperity, Creativity, Justice and Democracy.
According to Deputy PM, since 1986 Vietnam has issued a lot of reforming policies (Doi Moi period) and become as an average-income country from a poor one. From a land of war, Vietnam has become a peaceful country.
After 30 years of Doi Moi, Vietnam has been changing very much; starting from a country that suffered food shortage, Vietnam has become the world biggest rice exporter and from a subsidized economy exhausted after the war, Vietnam has become a dynamic and attractive destination with foreign investors.
However, Vietnam also has to face many challenges in the next period, posing big issues, such as: what Vietnam should do to take the development chances, to overcome the challenges, to develop faster and more sustainable, to escape from the middle income trap, to ensure the social fairness and maintain the environment.
“How to make Vietnam become the worth-to-live land, even we are not really reach. The question was posed as a prerequisite to build the Vietnam 2035 Report. This is the initiative of the World Bank President and Vietnam Prime Minister”, the Deputy PM said.
The objectives of the Vietnam 2035 Report are steps to make Vietnam develop as a high income country within the next 2 decades. Therefore, Vietnam need to build the private sector competitive, implement the urbanization effectively, promote the creativeness and take new trade chances to carry out the reformation in the large scale.
The ambitious objective of the Report is to maintain the growth rate of Vietnam at 7% per year, to raise the average income above 7.000 USD in 2035 compared to 5.370 USD in 2014.
According to Mr. Jim Young Kim, the President of the World Bank, raising the labor productivity quickly, protecting the environment and creatively reforming in economic activities shall make Vietnam grown fast. At the same time, removing the obstacles to the development of the disadvantaged, providing better services for the urban middle-class groups shall help Vietnam maintain an impressive record on equality and social inclusion.
Mr. Bui Quang Vinh, the misnister of the Planning and Investment Ministry of Vietnam, said Vietnam is at the turning point of the reform and development. Opportunities and advantages are very huge, but the challenges and difficulties are also not very few.  Therefore, to achieve the desire of a prosperous, creative, fair and democratic Vietnam, “we have to reform”, the Minister said.
“If we don’t reform, we cannot take the chances, cannot overcome the challenges and easily to be trapped in the middle-income. I do believe that the generations of Vietnamese have enough willingness and capacity to successfully implement the innovation”, the Minister stressed./.
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