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Kết quả hình ảnh cho Opportunity and challenge from TPP

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) is as an opportunity and enormous pressure for reform in Vietnam. The Resolution 19 of Vietnamese Government requires customs clearance in 10 days, but the TPP requires clearance in 48 hours (2 days, when the agreement comes into effect); TPP requires all businesses to commit no bribes, no percentage, no concessions... If they violate, they will lose privileges and even they can be sued because of unfair business.
The World Bank (WB) rated Vietnam to benefit most from the TPP, the GDP can be increased by 8%, exports increased by over 17%, attracting foreign investment increased by 11.9%... when TPP comes into effect. With the business community, TPP gives the opportunity for Vietnam to join the value chain and global link. Rice of Vietnam has not had labels, trademarks but we can do it now, then find American companies admit and import into this market, so Vietnam would be exempt rice, while product of Thailand, India (not a TPP member) is leviable at 7% while imported into the US market. That is opportunity.
TPP also opens up huge opportunities for agricultural cooperation between Vietnam and Japan. Some Japanese businesses has come to Da Lat for cooperation, technology transfer production of vegetables, fruit, flowers to export to not only Japan but also other countries. In addition, Japan also takes interest in sesame, shrimp, tuna... of Vietnam. However, the partners will require us to be strictly in the business, make sure to meet the requirements of food safety.

However, it is not easy to achieve the requirements and take advantage from TPP. TPP should not be thought as favor for each other, but we should strive and endeavor to achieve it. The pressure to strive is praiseworthy move. Opportunities right at our fingertips, without trying to win, what a pity for Vietnam.
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Deck Hero14 24/2/16 08:11

The TPP will benefit the economy of Vietnam thanks to import tax incentives pledged by TPP members for the major exports of Vietnam.

Pack Cassiopian 24/2/16 08:12

Vietnam would also face significant challenges in implementing an agreement that requires stringent disciplines in areas such as labor and government procurement.

Only Solidar 24/2/16 08:13

State-owned enterprises play an important role in the economy and could face significant adjustments under the competition policy chapter.

MaskOf Zero 24/2/16 08:14

The proposed TPP and its potential expansion are important due to the economic significance of the Asia-Pacific region for both the participants and the world.

Love Peace 24/2/16 08:15

The region is significant not just as a burgeoning market, but also as an integral part of international supply chains.

John Smith 24/2/16 08:16

The garment and textile sector has become Vietnam’s spearhead industry with a large amount of export revenue among other export items.

Gentle Moon 24/2/16 08:16

Labor provisions calling for “freedom of association” would be difficult to reconcile with Vietnam’s single, state-sponsored labor union.

LawrenceSamuels 24/2/16 08:17

Vietnam is projected to gain the most from the TPP and has shown flexibility on difficult issues. But overall, Vietnam’s participation in the agreement is well founded.

Jane smartnic 24/2/16 08:18

To this end, what are the implications for Vietnam? It must be noted that to facilitate the competitive ability of Vietnam’s merchandises in TPP member’s markets and sustain an effective paradigm of foreign trade is not a simple task.

yobro yobro 24/2/16 08:19

the country should speed up the changes of export structure by taking it to the next level in the global value chain.

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