French Ambassador impressed by Vietnam development desire

                                                      Ambassador Jean-Noel Poirier

Jean-Noel Poirier, French Ambassador to Vietnam, understand well about Vietnam, he has been observed Vietnam for more than 30 years, knowing Vietnam by his work and his life. On the occasion of New Year holiday and the spring’s arrival, the Ambassador has shared his simple but deep assessment about the profound vitality of Vietnam.
“In the comparison of the development of Vietnam at the present and in 2000 when I took office to the Consulate General of France, it now has changed dramatically. In 2000, the big companies of Vietnam such as Vincom, Masan, Bitexco... hadn’t been existed yet”
At that time, Vietnam was in trouble in the foreign relationship, Vietnam had to prove its ability and sincerity to the international community. Yet the 12-year period between my two tenures, this nation has made miraculous changes.
Compared to France, Vietnam has younger society. this is easily seen in the statistics. But one thing that I do impress is the development desire in each of Vietnamese people and the entire country. There are a lot of evidences to prove my thought.
Nowadays, Vietnamese are curious about new things, especially new technologies. Young Vietnamese like using Facebook, social networks and smartphones... However, Vietnamese still keep the traditional culture, such as worshiping the ancestor, respecting the old or the social principals.
In my opinion, there are two factors that make Vietnam develop faster, including the human factor and the social operating structure.
Firstly, the human factor, I understand that due to the social circumstances had led to the individualism in each Vietnamese. In the past, Vietnamese were very difficult in their life, so they had to put their own interest above the interest of the community.
To solve this problem, I think the measure is on the national level. It means the Government need to enhance the principal obey in the public activities, especially in the traffic.
The developed countries like France have been experienced such period. When I was 12 years old, the rate of deaths due to traffic accidents in France was 15.000 people per year that is now at 3.000 people.  By the time, the people’s awareness has been raised and the problem has been solved.
Secondly, the social operating structure, this is not a difficult one. The Vietnam administrative system is still young, establishing after the war and really grown up in the Doi Moi and international integration period. The social structure has been in the period of developing. Therefore, when the Doi Moi hasn’t ended yet, we shouldn’t be too pessimistic about the final result.
In contrast, Vietnam is a lesson to follow for France in particular and Europe in general. Vietnam highly respects the education as the basement of development; Vietnamese people are very hard working. The national unity is intense in Vietnam, Vietnamese people are proud of their root. While in France there is a part of community has split from the nation, led to bad sequences.
I have had four Tet holidays in Vietnam. I really like the special Tet’s atmosphere. The city is quieter than everyday that makes us have more space and time to see and think about life. This time is precious for ones who live in the cities, especially the crowded Hanoi.
The unique of Vietnam is the high respect of society and nation. On the Tet holiday this unique is shown clearly, everyone from North to South of Vietnam, the rich or the poor, being different in viewpoint all experiences a common Tet. This is a precious tradition of Vietnamese./.
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