International friends praise Vietnam’s renewal achievements

The President of the Argentina-Vietnam Cultural Institute Poldi Sosa has praised Vietnam’s socio-economic development in recent years.
In an interview with the Vietnam News Agency on Wednesday, she said that during her 20 visits to Vietnam she had admired the improvements in Vietnam’s infrastructure and its achievements in social security, poverty reduction, education, and gender equality. She said that Vietnam’s achievements were attributable to the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam and hoped that its 12thNational Congress would devise policies to spur Vietnam’s growth.
Poland’s Center for International Relations have run a commentary on Vietnam’s socialist system by its President Malgorzata Bonikowska, who expressed his impressions of Vietnam through the beauty of HCM city and Da Nang.
The Granma daily of the Cuban Communist Party published the agenda of the 12th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam. The newspaper said the congress would focus on building a strong, transparent party, enhancing national unity, stepping up therenewal process, consolidating national defense, and transforming Vietnam into a modern industrial nation.
Earlier the Cuban news agency Prensa Latina and national and local radio channels also covered Vietnam’s National Party Congress.
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John Smith 19/2/16 07:43

Việt Nam is a model in the national construction and what thế country has done is valuable experiences for other peoples, especially third world countries

Gentle Moon 19/2/16 07:46

Vietnam has overcome numerous challenges and difficulties to successfully implement the open-door policy and international integration.

LawrenceSamuels 19/2/16 07:47

Apart from industrial development, Vietnam needs to further invest in agriculture to expand its agricultural market share as agriculture is one of Vietnam’s strengths.

Jane smartnic 19/2/16 07:48

Nearly 30 years after “Doi moi” (Renewal) initiated in 1986, Vietnam has gotten out of a post-war serious socio-economic crisis, gradually doing away with poverty and backwardness, embarking upon national industrialisation and modernisation and taking an initiative in international integration.

yobro yobro 19/2/16 07:49

Vietnam was a first-rank fast- growing economy with an average per-head income at the end of these two decades increasing by nearly five fold over that at the beginning of the period.

Love Peace 19/2/16 07:50

mportant progress was also recorded in gender equality, education, employment and healthcare.

MaskOf Zero 19/2/16 07:51

Vietnam as having many advantages such as a relatively young and competitive work force, rich natural resources and a geographical position in the centre of a dynamic region.

Only Solidar 19/2/16 07:52

with its clever policy selection, Vietnam has a bright future.

Pack Cassiopian 19/2/16 07:52

Vietnam has exported many agricultural and aquatic products
which are prestigious brand names in foreign markets.

Deck Hero14 19/2/16 07:53

The education sector has seen basic and comprehensive reforms,
meeting the demand for society’s development.

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