Promoting the women participation in elected offices of the State

                                 A young women member speaking at a the national assembly meeting

Vietnam has made significant progresses in promoting the participation of women in the elected offices of the State, from 3% of women member in the 1st national assembly to 24,4% in the 13th tenure.
At the local elected offices, the women participation of women member of the People Council 2011-1016 tenure are 25,17% at the provincial level, 24.62% at the district level and 21.71% at commune level.
At the 12th National Party Congress, there were positive sides in implementing the objective of promoting the participation of women in political spheres. The participation rate of the women in the committee at all levels of this tenure is higher than previous ones.
According to Mrs. Truong Thi Mai, the member of the Politburo, Secretary of the Party Central Committee and Head of the Central Committee on Public, the participation of women in the elected offices of the State is one of the objectives in real gender equality, ensuring the efficiency of the issue of policies that related to the women, children, gender equality, human protection, culture, education, issues of society and environment. In the global experience, the voice of women is effective when they have at least 30% of the representatives in the Government system.
Vietnam has built up the basement for ensuring the right to participate in the politics of the women such as joining the international conventions on gender equality, issuing the law on gender equality and having a lot of bills related to gender issues, having the State managing office on gender equality and the raising participation of women in all offices at all levels of the Party and State. However, Vietnam needs more firmer steps and more effective measures to implement the objectives of gender equality in 2016-2020 term.
In the period of tackling the problems, the social media offices play an important role in raising the awareness, changing the behavior on gender equality, promoting the support to the women participation in political areas. Therefore, the communication on gender equality in the election must be strengthen and focused on guidelines and policies of the Party and State, the provisions in the electoral law...
Besides the communication, the national committee for the advancement of Vietnamese women needs to open classes of knowledge and skills for women candidates of the 14th national assembly, the People council at all level in 2016-2020 term, especially for the new ones.
Effective communication channels help to research, review and re-evaluate policies, achievements and identify the solutions for obstacles, difficulties in the women works
According to Mrs. Pratibha Mehta, the resident coordinator of the UN in Vietnam, one of the reasons that prevent women from political activities is the potentials of the women are unknown to the public.
In 2015, a global communication study showed that there is 22% of news on newspapers, media and radio stations related to women issues. The rate also made up for 18% of news of networking sites. Therefore, the communication may play a big role in highlighting the images of women leaders.
The communication also has the power to shape the social values, standards and ideals, the most important measures to change and break the old frame in positive way. Media, press... should help to make clear the contribution of women to the public and ensure the communication cover, the fair chances for both gender in all electoral processes./,
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