The fierce competition in Africa (Part 1)


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In 2016, Africa continues to become the competition of large countries, typically the United States and China.
America comes first ... and finishes later
With a population of over 1.1 billion people, the leading mineral resources in the world, plus 1/3 of the 54 African countries with an annual GDP growth rate of approximately 6% in recent years makes Dark Continent increasingly attractive place. From this potential, Africa has also become the focus of competition for influence in politics, economy and energy between major countries. In the "race" to Africa, with all the deep investment strategy, China seems to "break out" from a group of major powers want to invest in Africa.
President B.Obama has ever visited Africa four times, more than any of his predecessor, but according to analysts, for many people living on this continent, the role of America increasingly blurred. Two authors Fen Osler Hampson and Derek Burney have had analysis titled: “Why is America losing Africa?” on the website Cigionline (Canada). According to the analysis of the two authors, capital of China's FDI in the region has increased from 464 million in 2003 to over $ 20 billion in 2013. US trade volume with Africa increased from 33 billion USD in 2002 to 142 billion in 2008, but fell to 73 billion in 2014. Meanwhile, China has doubled trade with Africa to 222 billion USD in only four latest years. In 2013, Africa became the second largest source of crude oil for China. In particular, China did not hesitate to provide low-interest loans for Africa; and it plans to invest 1.000 billion to Africa in 2025 in the field of infrastructure, especially roads and bridges.
A similar situation also occurred in the field of security. Currently China is the closest partner on security in the region, while only a handful of Western countries involved in security issue in the Dark Continent. For example, in nine peacekeeping missions of the United Nations are being conducted in Africa in 2015, China has deployed troops to execute seven missions, especially in Sudan, where China can reap huge benefits from oil. That is more than that of the US (5 missions), England (2 missions), Canada (3 missions) and even France (6 missions).

Explaining the reasons for the "lag", American experts said that the United States does not care about Africa with China on the economic, political and security level. Psychology of does not set heavy role of African problem is the main reason why the US is going after China in this strategic area.
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Love Peace 13/2/16 21:23

Economic relations between China and Africa, one part of more general Africa–China relations, began centuries ago and continue through the present day.

yobro yobro 13/2/16 21:24

But while the Sino-African relationship has generated "excitement...[it is also accompanied by] panic, disappointment and uncertainty, and not just from Africans but from the whole international community.

Only Solidar 13/2/16 21:26

Poor African,what they need are food and stability.

John Smith 13/2/16 21:27

The quest for key resources in Africa targets areas rich in oil, minerals, timber, and cotton, such as Sudan, Angola, Nigeria, and South Africa.

Gentle Moon 13/2/16 21:31

Just rank as 2nd, but Americans should not lose track of their huge advantages over the Chinese—in income, in natural resources, and in surprising areas such as labor.

LawrenceSamuels 13/2/16 21:32

As Africans are beginning to fully recognize, these projects have also left many countries saddled with heavy debts and other problems, from environmental conflict to labor strife.

Pack Cassiopian 13/2/16 21:35

As a consequence, China’s relationship with the continent is entering a new and much more skeptical phase.

Jane smartnic 13/2/16 21:37

Experts on Sino-African relations argue that Chinese involvement emphasizes crucial components or development and aid that are comparatively "neglected by OECD development co-operation" with Africa.

MaskOf Zero 13/2/16 21:40

Africa should find their own ways to develop than depend so much on China or US.

Deck Hero14 13/2/16 21:47

One of the most surprising developments resulting from the financial crisis is the belief among ordinary Americans that China has become the world’s leading economy.

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