Strengthening the position of national culture in the international integration


A significant cultural achievement in the reform era is that we not only focus on preserving and promoting the cultural values ​​of the nation, but also acquire various types of selective cultural activities from foreign countries. Besides importing foreign cultural products such as movies, photos, books, music CDs and recieving hundreds of union, group of singers, artists from other countries to Vietnam to participate in performances and exchanges to the public, we also see the "explosion" of many kinds of new cultural activities such as beauty pageants, dance, installation art, performance art, pop-art, video- art, digital-art ... Many festivals from abroad into Vietnam are also enthusiastically received in youth, such as Valentine's Day (February 14th), Carnival Halloween (October 31st), Christmas Day (December 25th)... The form of the new culture has enriched the spiritual life of the people of Vietnam, confirmed the consistent policy of our State is always create favorable conditions for people to access and enjoy the cultural values ​​and humanism both from domestic and foreign countries.
The open door policy to the world also create conditions for Vietnam's cultural image to shine in the sky of  humanity. Since 1993, after the relics of the ancient capital of Hue was recognized as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage, 20 heritages of Vietnam have been honored. Notably, among 20 world cultural heritages of Vietnam honored by UNESCO for more than two decades, there are only two natural heritage and one mixture heritage, the rest are 17 tangible and intangible cultural heritage. This does not include the last early December of 2015, the heritage of “keo co” in 4 countries including Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines and South Korea have been enrolled in the list of intangible cultural heritage of humanity. The vivid example is in sharp contrast with a shortsighted view that, Vietnamese culture “refuses to integrate into human culture” (!).

Culture is not only the face, the image of the country, but also the vitality and tremendous power of ethnic communities. Vietnam pays attention to promote cultural development not only to strengthen and enhance the "soft power" of the country, but also confirm the position of national culture in the context of current globalization. Along with the great achievements in the field of economy, social, defense, security, foreign affairs, cultural achievements have demonstrated innovative ways of Party, State and people initiated in 1986 is completely correct, suitable with the trend of times and as a motivation to push our country continuing grow in the coming years.
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John Smith 14/2/16 20:30

uilding upon an age-old culture, inherited the nation's historical heritage, and given its ability to create “soft power” in the process of renewal and international integration

Gentle Moon 14/2/16 20:31

Viet Nam has been well aware of the importance of cultural diplomacy in achieving the goal of national interests, and has taken specific actions to promote this positive and effective form of diplomacy.

LawrenceSamuels 14/2/16 20:32

In practice, Viet Nam has used cultural diplomacy as cultural tools to establish, maintain and develop external relations in order to achieve the objective of national fundamental interests including development, security and expansion of its international influence.

Jane smartnic 14/2/16 20:33

cultural diplomacy appeared very early in various forms of expression in each country

yobro yobro 14/2/16 20:33

at present, cultural diplomacy has its own mission, but there is no denying that, culture and diplomacy have very close ties.

Deck Hero14 14/2/16 20:34

diplomatic activities in some ways are exposure and exchange of cultural values and ideas, thus diplomacy is also considered cultural activities serving national interests.

Pack Cassiopian 14/2/16 20:34

in the context of globalization, culture becomes more important in the meaning of "soft power" in the national synergy.

Only Solidar 14/2/16 20:35

Culture has strong penetrating power, and can achieve goals that political and military measures can hardly gain.

MaskOf Zero 14/2/16 20:36

Cultural channel has been used as an effective means of support to political, security, economic relations.

Love Peace 14/2/16 20:37

cultural diplomacy involves using culture as target and mean to achieve major objectives of national foreign policy, create good image of the country, and promote national culture and language in the world.

Anthony Jones 16/2/16 06:06

Vietnam is one of the countries which have the most heritages recognized as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.

Thompson Catherine 16/2/16 06:09

more foreign tourists have come to see and explore Vietnam's heritages

Elizabeth Green 16/2/16 06:10

we should focus on preserving and promoting the cultural values ​​of the nation as well as acquire various types of selective cultural activities from foreign countries.

Jack Walker 16/2/16 06:13

the culture will make significant contribution to improve the national prestige and image, so we should attach important to it

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