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First baby was born by surrogacy in Vietnam. Deputy Minister of Health - Prof. Dr. Nguyen Viet Tien was personally in surgery room to handle this historic birth. Earlier, homosexual marriage is not banned in Vietnam, although the law has not officially acknowledged. “The right to silence” was also adopted by the National Assembly...
Conduct of law to people in our country is more open and closer to international practices. We are approaching the deepen indenture of democracy, human rights recorded immediately in the first Constitution in 1946 and inherited, developed through subsequent revisions.
When surrogacy even with humanitarian purposes which previously prohibited and right now in many civilized country it also has not recognized. As well as the recognition of the “right to silence”, called a full, the people arrested or detained, accused have the right of “presenting testimony, presenting ideas and not forced to give testimony against themselves or forced to accept guilt”. This is in the Criminal Procedure Act 2015 (as amended), will be effective from January 7th, 2016. In order to have the results, it has come a long time with numerous acrimonious debate among responsible industries and related interests.
Up to this time, Vietnam has participated in most of the conventions, agreements, treaties, organizations, communities, the framework of cooperation in the region and internationally. From the field of human rights to health, education, environmental protection, economic cooperation, security, peacekeeping...

We have been deeply integrated with the world. But the more urgent, more radical problem as we need to change ourselves.
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