A new milestone on the renewal path

The 12th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam (National Party Congress) was successfully organized, marking an important milestone for the Party and people of Vietnam. Its success confirms the determination of the whole Party, people, and army to promote the comprehensive “doi moi” policy for national development.
With a strong sense of responsibility towards the Fatherland, people and the Party, the Congress discussed great achievements over the past time, pointed out shortcomings and weaknesses and drew lessons learnt. The Congress unanimously passed important documents such as the Political Report; A report on the results of the implementation of the five-year socio-economic development plan for the period of 2011-2015 and direction and tasks for the socio-economic development for the next five years 2016-2020; and finally the Report reviewing the leadership of the 11th Central Party Committee. The documents adopted at the Congress are important, confirming and completing the renewal viewpoint and guidelines of the Party, defining the goals and tasks of the national construction and safeguarding in the new period of development, with prospects and also difficulties and challenges.
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The Congress agreed on and confirmed its determination to successfully implement the goals: “To strengthen the building of a healthy and strong Party; promote the power of the whole nation and the socialist democracy; comprehensively enhance the renewal cause; firmly safeguard the Fatherland, maintain a peaceful and stable environment; and strive to develop Vietnam into a modern industrialized country.”
The Congress democratically elected the Central Party Committee with competent members of virtue and with an innovative spirit to shoulder the responsibility entrusted by the Party, State, and people.
The Congress affirmed the strengthening of the working class nature and the leading role of the Party as a party in power, focusing on building a really healthy and strong Party in political, ideological, organizational and ethical terms. Improving the leadership and combat capabilities of the Party is the key task, which is vital for the entire Party and the revolutionary cause of our people. Learning and following the moral example of President Ho Chi Minh should be promoted to push back political, ideological, and ethical degradation, “self-evolution”, “self-transformation”, bureaucracy, corruption, wastefulness, sectarianism, etc. These are important factors to strengthen solidarity and unity within the Party, foster the close relationship between the people and the Party, and enhance people’s confidence in the Party.
Especially, the Congress has defined two strategic missions of national construction and Fatherland safeguarding, stressing that firmly defending national independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity and protecting the Party, State, people, and socialism in Vietnam are interrelated. The key mission of the Party, the State, the political system, and the people is to maintain the environment of peace and stability for the country's development, with the People's Army and the People's Police playing the core role.
The Vietnam People’s Army, honorably founded and trained by the Party and Uncle Ho and wholeheartedly loved and cared for by the people, vows to absolutely be loyal to the Party, State and people, making every effort to fulfill its functions and unite as one, together with the whole Party and people to successfully implement the Resolutions of the 12th National Party Congress.
The success of the 12th National Party Congress has also contributed to increasing the prestige and position of the Communist Party of Vietnam and the country in the international arena.
The 12th National Party Congress has successfully completed its historical task to open up a new path, marking a milestone in the renewal process of the entire nation under the leadership of the Party. The success of the Congress has shown the will and aspiration of the whole Party, people and armed forces, promoted patriotism, a sense of self-reliance and national strength, and comprehensively boosted the renewal process, striving to develop Vietnam into a modern industrialized country, as outlined in the documents of the 12th National Party Congress.
To effectively bring the Resolution of the 12th National Party Congress to life, after the Congress, Party committees and Party organizations at all levels should extensively and intensively disseminate the results of the Congress, closely grasp and introduce the Resolution and documents of the Congress so as to motivate the entire Party, people and armed forces to boost emulation movements in the national construction and safeguarding cause in the new period, heading for the goal of prosperous people, a strong country, democracy, equality, civilization and socialism.
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John Smith 5/2/16 08:19

The 12th National Party Congress is a congress of solidarity, democracy, discipline and renewal, demonstrating its resolve to increase comprehensive and synchronous reforms while promoting the country's rapid and sustainable development.

Gentle Moon 5/2/16 08:19

it was an important period during the cause of national construction and defence.

LawrenceSamuels 5/2/16 08:20

Viet Nam has made great and historic achievements on the path to socialism and national protection.

Jane smartnic 5/2/16 08:21

there remain a number of major and complex issues that must be dealt with to develop the nation rapidly and sustainably

yobro yobro 5/2/16 08:22

these achievements proved the Party's reform policy was sound and creative

Love Peace 5/2/16 08:23

the country's path to socialism was in accordance with the country's current situation and development trends, providing an important foundation for continued reform and vigorous growth in the years to come.

MaskOf Zero 5/2/16 08:24

the reform period required more comprehensive and synchronous development in terms of politics, economics, culture, society, national defence and security, and diplomacy.

Only Solidar 5/2/16 08:26

Among them, socio-economic development is the focus, Party building is the key, building culture and human resources is the moral foundation; and enhancing national defence and security is a vital task.

Pack Cassiopian 5/2/16 08:26

it is necessary to promote growth, labour productivity and competitiveness, and accelerate national industrialisation and modernisation with a focus on rural areas and new-style rural areas.

Deck Hero14 5/2/16 08:28

the congress reflected the strong will and resolution of the nation to build a prosperous, democratic, fair and civilised Viet Nam as the country advanced towards socialism.

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