A beautiful and friendly Vietnam in the eyes of foreign visitors


The 10-day trip visiting Hanoi and some provinces of Vietnam has brought lost of special experiences to Jamie Thomas, a famous American skateboarder.
While many young Vietnamese are tend to travel abroad on long holidays, Jamie Thomas choose Vietnam as his destination at the beginning of the New Year. Jamie Thomas is familiar with the skateboarding fans, wining a lot of professional awards. He also has a passion for adventure traveling to remote areas with his friends. The “Hanoi with Jamie Thomas” album with pictures taken at Hanoi and some beautiful landscapes in the North of Vietnam has been highly appreciated.
The album has recorded the trip of Jamie and his friends, driving motorbike on long roads at the countryside, visiting Hanoi, eating pho, sailing at Ha Long bay, climbing caves in Cat Ba islands... and finally surfing in Da Nang beautiful beaches.
During Jamie trip, he and his friends were really immersed in the natural beauty of Vietnam and the hospitality of Vietnamese people. “This is unforgettable memory. Vietnam is very beautiful”, Jamie said.
“I’m not sure if our forefathers have been forgiven or if it was the sight of 3 white people scooting by on skateboards, but we were greeted with smiles and waves at every corner”, Jamie descried the hospitality of Vietnamese.
The Vietnam online community has spent a lot of praises to the album, to the freedom and openness of these guys in the Vietnam. The album makes everyone more proud of the beauty of the nature and the hospitality of the people in Vietnam.
Let’s have a look at the “Hanoi with Jamie Thomas” album of Jamie:
It's dynamic country, this was Jamie feeling when he set the first leg in Vietnam
The statue of V.I.Lenin

  Skateboarding in Hanoi's crowded streets
The delicious Pho of Vietnam
Driving motobike in rural region in Vietnam
A Vietnamese women
 It's quite hot
 Vietnam's countryside
Sailing in Halong bay, one of the new seven world wonders
Surfing at My Khe, one of the most beautiful beach in the world
 Flying on the sea
 Playing with children
"We got a wonderful trip in a wonderful country"
                                                     "Hanoi with Jamie Thomas"

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Deck Hero14 16/2/16 22:11

Vietnam is so beautiful, it's the place to come

Love Peace 16/2/16 22:14

Eating pho is a must when you get to Hanoi

yobro yobro 16/2/16 22:16

Jamie has got a wonderful experience in Vietnam.

Only Solidar 16/2/16 22:18

Vietnam is changing quickly, it's very different from the time at the war end

MaskOf Zero 16/2/16 22:20

People around the world should come to Vietnam to see how the peace is loved

Pack Cassiopian 16/2/16 22:24

the Vietnam war was easily one of the most controversial wars ever and as a result incited a peace movement that swept across the United States

John Smith 16/2/16 22:32

Vietnam is now known not only as a brave country to fight against the powerful countries but also a dynamic economy with plenty of development potentials.

Gentle Moon 16/2/16 22:34

"Travel broadens the mind"

Jane smartnic 16/2/16 22:35

The US and Vietnam are now sharing a lot of interests in politics, economics and even defense.

LawrenceSamuels 16/2/16 22:38

Vietnamese and American people are now good friends and partners.

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