The steady progress of Vietnam Social Insurance

Report of the Vietnam Social Insurance showed that by the end of 2015, the country has more than 70.2 million people participate in social insurance (SI), health insurance (health insurance) and unemployment insurance. The number increased by 4.46 million people (6.8%) in comparison with 2014.
In the context of the socio -  economic situation in the past few years, it remains many difficulties affecting implement policies for social insurance, health insurance... The above results showed effort at all levels as well as the effectiveness of the participation of the whole political system in the implementation of the two important pillars of social welfare policies.

Comparing the results achieved recently with the numbers of five years ago, we clearly see the progress in this field. Accordingly, the number of participants increased by more than two million people on social insurance; number of unemployed insurance also rose more than two million people; voluntary social insurance number doubled; health insurance increased by nearly 13 million, bringing the total number of participants accounted for 76.52% of the population ratio... Since the expansion of the participants, especially in 2015, more than eight million people (not including those in the armed forces) have been benefiting from social insurance, more than 530,000 jobless workers are entitled to unemployment insurance and more than 130 million people will benefit from treatment of health insurance with total budget of more than 202,000 billion. In fact, better ensure the rights of social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance has helped many people to guarantee their life after working age. Many people overcome the difficulties encountered health risks or the loss of work... On the basis of the results achieved as well as aware of their duties and the meaning of social insurance policies, Vietnamese government will find more solutions in 2016. With these solutions, and the determination in a new year, we can be confident that Vietnam Social Insurance will continue making solid progress in the implementation of policies of social insurance, health insurance.
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