Ensuring Cultural Rights in Vietnam


Recently, at a Human Rights Council’s dialogue session, Special Rapporteur in the field of cultural rights, Ms. Farida Shadeed has recognized the outstanding results of Vietnam in the implementation of Millenium Development Goal, as well as in improving Economic, Cultural and Social Rights; especially the expansion of people’s access to education and culture in rural and remote areas.
Vietnamese people are able to enjoy all values of culture
For years, along with economic development and ensuring people’s life, our Party and Government has always been taking care to raise up people’s cultural life. Especially, after 17 years of implementation of  Resolution of the Communist Party of Vietnam’s Central Committee (eighth tenure) on building and developing an advanced Vietnamese culture deeply imbued with national identity and traditions, Vietnamese culture now have significant improvements.
In the subsidy period, due to economic difficulties, people had mainly worried about subsistence, but in recent years, thanks to Doi Moi’s achievements and good economic growth, Vietnamese people have more conditions to access to better traditional and international values of culture.
In development policy, beside investment in facilities to serve economic development, business and production, all provinces in Vietnam have set a big amount of budget to build cultural infrastructure, such as: culture house, library, reading room, stadium, fitness house, entertainment parks... in order to better serve people’s cultural and spiritual life.
Not only people, who’re living in urban areas, have conditions to enjoy rich spiritual life, but also people, who’re living in remote areas, particularly extreme difficult areas like North West, Central Highland, South West, now have been supported by Government in circulation, policy and resources to maintain and develop the culture.
Clear legal basic and consistent policy
Importantly, ensuring Cultural Rights in Vietnam has been shown in political and legal facet. In the process of integration, the Party has always paid much attention in ensuring cultural rights of the people, therefore, the Party has improved much in opening policies, guidelines on culture. One of milestone to clearly show is the fifth Resolution of the Communist Party of Vietnam’s Central Committee, eighth tenure, in 1998. In addition, to create legal basic for people to have better cultural life, in the Constitution 2013 of The Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the cultural rights has been recognized as one of the most fundamental rights of human being, it stated that: “Everyone has right to enjoy and access all cultural values, participate to cultural life, use cultural facilities”. Through the Constitution 2013, our State affirmed: People do not only need subsistence, but also rights to enjoy traditional and international cultural values. Every Vietnamese people, regardless of age, gender, class, ethnic, religion, belief... have right to join in cultural activities depending on each person’s ability, hobby, demand.
Vietnamese Government also issued the "Culture Development Strategy from now to 2020", in which one the most highest goal is: “continue expand the results achieved in building and developing culture, sport, especially in remote, mountainous and border areas, islands, ethnic minorities. Remove white spots of culture in all areas, particularly the spiritual life.”

It can be confirmed that, with the Party and State’s consistent policies and specific activities of Provinces, the cultural life of Vietnamese people, especially in remote areas has been improving consecutively. This has shown the advanced nature of our communist regime, which has solved properly the problem between economic development and culture, material life and health spiritual needs of the people. This is also “political commitment” of the Party and State to the international community to ensuring Cultural Rights of Vietnamese people increasingly more advanced.
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Funny Day 28/4/15 23:27

the culture makes the country's national strength, so it's absolutely true to attach importance to culture developing

Funny Day 28/4/15 23:33
Nhận xét này đã bị tác giả xóa.
Phu Chem 28/4/15 23:36

with diversity and abundance of the national culture, Vietnam have attracted many foreign tourists

That's right Vietnam is considered to be one of the most safy and ideal destinations in the world

That's right Vietnam is considered to be one of the most safe and ideal destinations in the world

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