“Watermelon rescue”


In early April, when the watermelons were got jams in Tan Thanh border gate and farmers in Quang Nam, Quang Ngai, Phu Yen neglected their agricultural products on the field for bovine food because selling price at the field only about 1,000 VND per kg, many practical activities were carried out simultaneously in many regions of the country in order to consume watermelon for farmers in Central. After ten days, the “watermelon rescue” has achieved a complete  success.
According to estimates by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, up to the middle of April, nearly 80% of watermelon was consumed. In Hanoi, , the retail price of watermelons reached 15 to 20 thousand VND per kg in the second half of April (more than twice as in earlier this month). Congestion of watermelon truck in Tan Thanh border gate was quickly dropped and then terminated. Moreover, to remove obstacles in the export of agricultural products in general and watermelon in particular, the Vietnamese authorities had many discussions with stakeholders in China and partners have decided to spend a separate storage area for watermelons from Vietnam.
Through vigorous movement full of mutual love spirit of with practical results for watermelon consumption this year, we also “harvested” more precious lessons. First of all, it's action, saying coupled with employment. When congestion of watermelons occurred in Tan Thanh border gate and melon in danger to demolish on the field, we should not speak loudly responsibility that a certain agency must consume or process like that how...
 We have been doing many important jobs such as improving the quality of institutions and prediction of markets at home and abroad, planning breeding development, cultivation, processing but that is a progression from low to high level and it can not be absolutely perfect for a short time. Even those countries with developed market economies also frequently undergo lack or overproduction crisis of commodities, especially agricultural products is governed by the law of supply - demand, sometimes in some countries development have to be destroyed thousands of tons of meat ...

The spirit evoked mutual love for Vietnamese people, along with the sense of responsibility of the officials and employees in agencies and organizations from central to local levels is possible to help thousands of tons of watermelons, onion, sweet potato,... to be consumed in the domestic market. This helps us proactively in dealing even overwhelming for manipulation of foreign traders including domestic consumers could use goods with reasonable price, even cheaper than in normal time. The issue should be noted that, if similar cases may occur, purchasing power, transport, and consumption must be more professional, demonstrating the superiority of the Vietnamese socialist oriented market economy with the enthusiasm of domestic consumers and campaign that Vietnamese give priority to Vietnam’s products.
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