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Along with the policies focusing on socio-economic development and ensuring livelihood, the Party and State of Vietnam always pay attention to improve and enhance the cultural life of the people. Especially, after 17 years of implementation of the Central Resolution 5 (VIII Term) on "Building and developing the advanced culture of Vietnam with imbued national identity”, the cultural life among all classes of people, especially in rural, mountainous regions and border islands has made significant progress.
In the subsidy period, due to economic difficulties, people had to look for means of subsistence so they had little chance to enjoy the cultural values. However in the last few years, thanks to the achievements of the innovation, economic growth, our people increasingly enjoy the good cultural values ​​of ethnic and cultural essence of humanity.
In every development policy, along with the construction of facilities to serve economic development, production, business, every local still spent budgets on building cultural institutions such as the cultural houses, library, reading room, the stadium, the practice of sports, amusement parks ... in order to better serve the cultural life as well as people’s spirit. Today, there are over 5,000 communes have their own centers of sports and cultural activities; nearly 55,000 villages have cultural-sportive houses; more than 36,200 stadiums and football field managed by commune; 38,400 sportive clubs at the grassroots level; 6900 children's play areas; 17,316 public libraries, reading rooms and bookcase (including 3,332 libraries in communes, towns, 13,107 reading room at villages and 61 private libraries to serve community); 98% of communes have post-cultural cases. By the end of 2014, the radio coverage area ​​is over 95% of the territory and the area of ​​television coverage is over 98% of our territory.
Not only people in urban areas have conditions to enjoy a rich spiritual culture but also ethnic minorities in remote areas, especially in areas with more difficult such as the North West Highlands, Southwest are given priority by the State with supporting mechanisms, policies and resources to develop culture. Over the last time, along with the development of cultural institutions in the mountain and border areas, our State has mechanisms and policies appropriated to preserve and promote traditional cultural values ​​of ethnic minorities, especially ethnic minorities of less number of people. Up to the year of 2013, there are 54 unique traditional festivals of ethnic minorities should be supported conservation; 23 typically traditional hamlets, villages are preserved with the amount of support around 1.8 billion.

Realizing the decision of the Prime Minister on 25 free newspapers and magazines for ethnic minority and mountainous areas, since 2012, 69 poor districts and hundreds of extreme difficult communes have been granted thousands of newspapers, magazines containing practical contents relating to ethnic minorities. The human cultural policies are warmly received by the people because it has contributed to raising awareness of cultural and spiritual life for people.
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