Historic value of the Victory, 30 April 1975 unassailable


The final victory on April 30th, 1975 represents a glorious landmark of international and epochal dimensions in the history of our country. That victory has ushered in a new era for Vietnamese people – the era of peace, national independence, national reunification, and advancement to socialism. It is a historical fact that cannot be refuted.
On implementing the guidelines of the Party, in the Spring of 1975, our army and people, with the power of lightening speed, boldness and surprise, by launching the Ho Chi Minh historical Campaign, took the advantage of the overwhelming victory to liberate the South completely, realizing national reunification. The victory ended our nation’s sacred struggle that prolonged nearly one third of a century (1945-1975) since French troops opened fire to wage a war again in the South; in which, the war of resistance against American imperialists’ intervention and aggression in the South lasted more than one fifth of the century (1954-1975). That milestone marks the fulfillment of our people’s national liberation revolution under the glorious banner of the Party, realizing the great objectives, i.e. independent nation, united Fatherland, and our people living in peace and freedom and self-mastery. Henceforth, a new page in our history has opened, a Vietnam by Vietnamese people, free of invaders, setting off to heal the wounds of war and build a new life.
Great Spring Victory, 1975 is the great victory of the entire nation; of the sacrifice, the courage and the intelligence of Vietnam crystallized in the Party’s clear-sighted stratagem and strategic vision and in our people’s heroic undaunted will. In a belief that “Nothing is more precious than independence and freedom!” and everyone, to a man, “crossed Truong Son Range (the Annamite Range) to save the country” and “dare to fight, be determined to fight, know how to fight, and know how to win,” we made the victory. Life is stronger than death. Justice triumphs over injustice. It is the victory of the greatest good over the biggest evil in today’s era. The Vietnamese people with its glorious feats of arms has joined the ranks of the world’s pioneering peoples that fought against imperialism, colonialism, not only for their existence but also for the existence of others; for independence, freedom and happiness, deserving the right to life, the right to self-determination to assert and protect human dignity. Witnessing this unique event in the heroic and tragic history of Vietnam in the 20thcentury, the entire progressive mankind and our friends all over the world truly acknowledge that this victory not only brings peace, independence and unity for Vietnam, but also exerts its powers on encouraging peoples to struggle for freedom and justice, and awakening conscience of the mankind.
The power of Vietnam in the national salvation war of resistance against American aggressors was the result of promoting the national strength coupled with the strength of the epoch. National strength has originated from the national unity and nurtured by the source of culture of Vietnam, by the heroic and undaunted history over thousands of years of building and defending the country. That strength is inherited, further promoted and sublimated in Ho Chi Minh Era – the most glorious era in our people’s history of thousands of years of building and defending the country.
At that historic moment, on April 30th, 1975, deep from the heart of every patriotic and proud-of-nation Vietnamese citizen resounded the song titled “As if Uncle Ho were present in the great victory day” to commemorate his great merit. President Ho Chi Minh, with his vehement belief in the power of great national unity, realized correctly and accurately that our people’s national salvation war of resistance against American aggressors, despite tremendous hardship and sacrifice, would surely achieve complete victory. The Vietnamese Revolution would surely succeed. U.S. imperialist aggression would be a complete failure; “fight to chase the Americans, fight to overthrow the puppets.” His prediction, intention and belief, which inspired and guided the action of the entire Party, people and army, became true, laying the foundations upon which the whole country, today, firmly walk the great path of history: national independence and socialism.

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Hoàng Lân 23/4/15 20:55

The most important element was the strength of national solidarity and international unity.

Hùng Quân 23/4/15 20:56

Vietnam’s resistance war against the American imperialists revealed a great unity. The entire Vietnamese people united into a firm bloc that nothing could shake.

Quốc Cường 23/4/15 20:57

Emulation movements in the southern region drew people from all walks of life -young people, students, women, farmers, and workers. Civilians and armed forces in the southern provinces combined combat, political struggle, agitation, and propaganda throughout three strategic regions: the forest, farmland, and towns.

Huy Lâm 23/4/15 20:58

Gaining the support of people from all strata in the struggle against the American invaders was thanks to the patriotism that united the nation.

Phạm Hiếu 23/4/15 20:59

the liberation of Vietnam’s southern region and reunification of the country proved the strength of solidarity without racial or religious discrimination.

Quốc Kiên 23/4/15 20:59

The entire Vietnamese people and army jointly participated in this resistance war under the leadership of President Ho Chi Minh and the Communist Party of Vietnam.’

Lê Tín 23/4/15 21:00

The triumph on April 30th, 1975, is the evidence of the unanimity, consensus, and the determination of both the Vietnamese army and the people, which became a sharp weapon to fight the US professional military forces.

Vân Nhàn 23/4/15 21:00

The determination of the Vietnamese people was so great that there would be still no way that bombing was ever going to force them into doing anything.’

Huy Quốc 23/4/15 21:01

The victory in the spring of 1975 was thanks in part to international movements to support the Vietnamese people.

Quân Hoàng 23/4/15 21:02

Organizations in favor of Vietnam’s resistance war in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America took to the streets to protest the US war in Vietnam.

the victory demostrated the national strength and the ingenious leadership of Vietnam Communist Party

Quay Tay 23/4/15 23:33

the Great Spring victory made Vietnam known all over the world

that's right, many foreigners just knew Vietnam through it's historical victory over the US that is the most powerful nation in the world

Thị Trinh 24/4/15 23:26

many foreigners couldn't understand why Vietnam with narrow land, uncrowded population and poor conditions defeated the strongest superpowers in the world,includinh France, the US

Rực Rỡ 24/4/15 23:32

I think thanks to the Vietnamese's patriot, national strength, ingenious leadership of Uncle Ho, the Party

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