Public servants must be fellow-passenger with business


Vietnam business community are expected to resolve administrative procedure reform, duty regime, officials of the Government, the Prime Minister, the ministries, branches and localities.
In fact, a lot of supporting policies to remove difficulties for enterprises were set but slowly come into life but the problems arising from the staffs and servants. Many associations, enterprises have listed, specified the areas of frequent harassment, nuisance such as administrative procedures on land, environment, loans, taxes, customs... However there is not many changes.
Not only do not share hard with enterprises, a large part of officials and civil servants deliberately say evil things about enterprises for very severe punishment and intimidate businesses. Business does not compromise with the physical demands of the officers and employees will be cause harassment troubles affecting the production and trading. While these small errors, omissions can added and repaired can occur in any enterprise. This is a loophole for some metamorphic officers and employees to abuse or harass.
The tax inspection is typical. After many years of exporting, when the business was in bankruptcy or fled, tax debts are the responsibility of local tax service because they did collect their taxes but not blame to enterprises. The value-added tax refund would be easier if the tax service use the same data with customs when the shipments were customs clearance and money has been paid fully, they should drawback tax quickly. The status that some officers deliberately misunderstood or did not understood uniform guidelines and policies of the Party and the State in order to profit was the fact occuring especially in the field of taxation, customs, environment ...
Actual business enterprise also showed Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) has become a tool to help governments of provinces and cities to boost administrative procedure reform, improving the investment environment. However, with the small and medium enterprises, daily business activity directly relates to the government at district and commune level. The lack of professionalism by the lack of professional competence and sense of duty staff in two administrative levels also cause a lot of frustrated businessman enthusiasm.

Remove difficulties for enterprises and help businesses thrive and sustainable solution is radical and effective to nurture state revenue, economic development, making jobs for workers, ensuring social security. To do that, there is no other way for us to promote administrative procedure reform, reforming and building staff and employees under the direction of skilled professionals. Moreover they must try their best for the job and make public servants must be fellow-passenger with business.
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