People's interests in healthcare services

At the conference providing information on adjusting the price of medical services associated with health insurance route for people and improving the quality of health care, representatives of the Ministry of Health said that to 2020, cost of wage, management and the cost of fixed assets will be added into the cost of medical services.
It reflects that according to the health sector, the price of medical services has not been fully examined. Nurses, doctors and hospitals must find ways to compensate for the shortfall. And even representatives of the Ministry of Health acknowledged that the current situation has not been calculated correctly and fully but patients still have to “pay some expenses”. Mr. Nguyen Nam Lien, Director of the Department of Planning and Finance (Ministry of Health) did not specify what the expenses are. However, for the patient whether in any form of public property, they still have to pay for medical care. People are only interested in good medical services within suitable limit of costs.
Therefore, the fact that Ministry of Health take steps to accurately calculate all costs in the price of medical services brings many positive elements. By that time, the hospitals and the medical profession in general can not excuse that services are limited due to not being paid enough money. In terms of relations between service providers and beneficiaries of services, health services are marketable. When consumers pay enough money, they should be entitled to adequate services to their money. Service providers can not blame inadequate services for any reason.

However, it is feared that the rising prices of services will certainly affect a number of subjects. It is also unclear that what the Ministry of Health base on to release number of 30% among people affected by the new policy (who have no health insurance), approximately 27 million people have an average income upward and many people can afford the cost of health care. Time from now until 2020 is a relatively long period but major policies affecting many people need to be considered exhaustively. High cost of health care must be accompanied by improving the quality of health care, creating competitive mechanism between medical facilities, expanding and diversifying various types of health insurance.
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Shut Down 17/4/15 23:05

recently the Ministry of Health has made some improvements aimed at high quality of healthcare services

Funny Day 17/4/15 23:12

anyway rising cost of healthcare will affect poor patients

Trần Bướng 19/4/15 09:15

High cost of health care must be accompanied by improving the quality of health care, however, overloading patients in many hospital acctually is difficult problem to resovle

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