Truth about Tran Ngoc Thanh and his reactionary organizations: the so-called Committee for protection of Vietnamese workers and Free Viet Labor Federation


In recent years, the State of Vietnam has promulgated numerous policies creating conditions for workers to work overseas. According to Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social welfares, thanks to sound policies, Vietnam now have more than  workers working in more than 40 countries and territories worldwide. Amount of foreign currencies remitted by migrant workers to their relatives at home has been in constant rise throughout the years, e.g. 1.8 billion dolars in 2011 and the figure is expeacted to reach … Labor export has not only contributed in solving unemployment, eliminating hunger and reducing poverty and developing the economy but help labores improve their working skills and specialized performance, foreign language skills, industrialized conduct, business thought among others. However, many overseas reactionary organizations including the Poland-based Committee for protection of Vietnamese workers, and now another newly-founded organization, Free Viet Labor Federation both headed by Tran Ngoc Thanh have recently tried to incite, entice and even decieve Vietnamese migrant workers by malicious schemes and maneuvers in serve of their own purposes.
 Tran Ngoc Thanh was born in 1949 in Nghe An province. He used to work at the loading enterprise at Cua Lo of Nghe Tinh port where he was judged by his colleagues as a political dissident. At that time, the Vietnamese State created favorable conditions for Thanh to further develop by sending him to learn at Marine University in Poland from 1967 to 1973, while many other youths of the same age got enlisted to fight for national unification. But after returning home for a short time, Thanh beacme an opportunist resorting many tricks for promotion and betrayed the trust of his organization and colleagues. After failing to take such an opportunity, Thanh asked for leaving the country to further his study. Coming back to Poland this time, Thanh deserted to be an anti-Vietnam element and created his reactionary organizations against the Party and State, against his homeland.
 In 2006, Thanh set up his reactionary organization called “Committee for Protection of Vietnamese Workers”.
 Tran Ngoc Thanh and his self-established organisation labeled themselves as protectors of Vietnamese labourers abroad to lure, entice and illegally bring hundreds of workers from Vietnam and Malaysia to Eastern Europe. Under the pretext of protecting the rights of Vietnamese workers overseas, Thanh and his organizaqtions has merely cheated and incited those who were facing difficulties or were dissatisfied with their employers, in order to encourage them to follow his ring and take part in illegal activities against the laws of Vietnam.
         To achieve his ends, Thanh has turn workers inti tools incited workers to demonstrate and damage factories, with the aim of making the employers terminate their contracts. He took advantage of many short-coming and hot incidents to cause chaos in Vietnam, like anti-China protests in the HD981 oil rig incident, demonstrations against the State’s policies…
 At abroad, with political plots to blacken the State of Vietnam and cheat exported workers, Tran Ngoc Thanh and his organizations have connected with many other reactionary organizations such as Bui Tin, Nguyen Gia Kieng and his “Rally for democracy and Pluralism” in France; Nguyen Sy Binh, Nguyen Xuan Ngai and their organizations, Dan Chim Viet… Thanh supported Le Thi Cong Nhan to establish the Independent Vietnamese Trade Union, and recently Thanh established Free Viet Labor Federation in an attempt to qualify for membership of International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC). It is his long-lasting ambition, and it will bring a lot of troubles for the State of Vietnam and undermine Vietnam’s national interests if Thanh achieves his goal.
 His above wicked scheme and acts have at the same time badly affected cooperation for labor export between Vietnam and its counterpart countries. Due to the above illicit acts, Thanh was seized by Malaysian police in 2010 and then expelled from Malaysia. Thus, the true face, the disguise of the President of the so-called Committee for Protection of Vietnamese Workers were discovered.
 It can be realised that Tran Ngoc Thanh and his so-called “Committee for Protection of Vietnamese Employees” and Free Viet Labor Federation are really reactionary elements in disguise to sabotage the Vietnamese Government and carry out illegal labour export activities to “make money” from the lack of knowledge of poor workers. It does not function to protect labourers as proclaimed by Thanh and his accomplices.
Therefore, labourers should be greatly vigilant over the behaviours and tricks of Thanh and his accomplices./.
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Hùng Quân 19/4/15 16:38

See the face we can know something about his essence. So deceitful and cunning!

Huy Quốc 19/4/15 16:52

Tran Ngoc Thanh and his anti-Vietnam organizations have held many activities and protests against the Party and State, caused many damages to national interests.

Lê Tín 19/4/15 16:57

We need to be aware of these elements, they are oppotunists and willing to do anything for their benefits.

Vân Nhàn 19/4/15 17:00

Free Viet Labor Federation is his newly-founded organization, and they are trying to acquire membership of ITUC, once succeeded it will be very dangerous.

Huy Lâm 19/4/15 17:02

Yeah, our government must have strict and strong measures to counter these reactionary elements.

Quân Hoàng 19/4/15 17:05

I don't understand why those persons who have recieved a lot of supports and favors from the government would carry activities against their own country, people and family.

Phạm Hiếu 19/4/15 17:07

So ungrateful and materialistic!

Quốc Cường 19/4/15 17:09

We need to warn people, especially Vietnamese people abroad, to know about his true face and essence, so not to follow his activities.

Hoàng Lân 19/4/15 17:12

I've heard about this man, he has incited people to protest against the Party and State, instead of helping workers, he just abuses them and make them imprisoned.

Quốc Kiên 19/4/15 17:14

He also has connection with other anti-Vietnam individuals and organizations like Le Thi Cong Nhan, Trinh Hoi - Voice, Nguyen Sy Binh...

Tran Ngoc Thanh is only a cheater who has hidden under the cover of protection for Vietnamese Labors.

Thị Trinh 19/4/15 23:50

that's right, so everyone shoud be viligant, dont to be his victim, please.

That's true face of Tran Ngoc Thanh! Warning to all Vietnamese in oversea!!!

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